Man pages for lfda
Local Fisher Discriminant Analysis

ColsAssigning Colors to A Vector
getAffinityMatrixGet Affinity Matrix
getMetricOfTypeGet Requested Type of Transforming Metric
grapes-pow-grapesNegative One Half Matrix Power Operator
klfdaKernel Local Fisher Discriminant Analysis for Supervised...
kmatrixGaussGaussian Kernel Computation (Particularly used in Kernel...
lfdaLocal Fisher Discriminant Analysis for Supervised...
plot.lfda3D Visualization for LFDA/KLFDA Result
predict.lfdaLFDA Transformation/Prediction on New Data
print.lfdaPrint an lfda object
repmatMatlab-Syntaxed Repmat
selfSemi-Supervised Local Fisher Discriminant Analysis(SELF) for...
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