lfstat: Calculation of Low Flow Statistics for Daily Stream Flow Data

The "Manual on Low-flow Estimation and Prediction", published by the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), gives a comprehensive summary on how to analyse stream flow data focusing on low-flows. This packages provides functions to compute the described statistics and produces plots similar to the ones in the manual.

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AuthorDaniel Koffler, Tobias Gauster and Gregor Laaha
Date of publication2016-08-24 18:38:34
MaintainerTobias Gauster <t.gauster@boku.ac.at>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

apply.seasonal: Apply an aggregation function seasonally.

as.lfobj: Coerce to class lfobj

as.xts.lfobj: Convert Object To Class xts

baseflow: Calculate the baseflow of a river

BFI: Base Flow Index

bfplot: Base Flow Plot

cdf_ev: Reversed functions for several Extreme Value Distributions

check_distribution: Checks if a Distribution is suited

createlfobj: Create an lfobj for further Low Flow Analysis

dmcurve: Double Mass Curve

evfit: Fit an extreme value distribution to observations

evquantile: Estimating populations quantiles of extreme values

ev_return_period: Estimate the return period for given quantiles

fdc: Flow Duration Curve

fill_na: Interpolation NA values in a vector

find_droughts: Identifying Low Flow Periods

flowunit: Set and retrieve unit of the discharge

gringorten: Gringorten Plotting Positions

hydrograph: Hydrograph

hyear_start: Extract or guess the Start of a Hydrological Year

lfnacheck: Low flow object check for missing values.

lfnainterpolate: Interpolate missing values

lfstat-package: Calculates Low Flow Statistics for daily stream flow data

ma: Simple Moving Average

MAM: Mean Annual Minimum

meanflow: Mean flow

multistationsreport: Report for several stations

ngaruroro: Daily stream flow data used for low flow analysis

plot.deficit: Plot time series of deficits

pool_ic: Pooling Procedures of Low Flow Events

Q95: Qxx, Q95, Q90, Q70

rainpeakplot: Recession diagnostic plot

readlfdata: Reads data sheets

recession: Recession Constant

rfa: Regional Frequency Analysis

rfaplot: Regional Frequency Analysis

rpline: Highlight quantiles/return periods

sbplot: Seasonal Barchart

seasindex: Seasonality Index

seasratio: Seasonality Ratio

seglenplot: Barchart of recession length

setlfunit: Define the unit to use in lf-plots

streamdef: Streamflow Deficit

streamdefplot: Streamflow Deficit Plot

summary.deficit: Object Summaries

trace_value: Draw Paths to Points perpendicular to Coordinate Axis

tyears: Calculate Low-Flow Quantiles for given Return Periods

tyearsS: Calculate Low-Flow Quantiles for given Return Periods

vary_threshold: Create varying thresholds

water_year: Compute the water year


apply.seasonal Man page
as.lfobj Man page
as.lfobj.xts Man page
as.lfobj.zoo Man page
as.xts.lfobj Man page
baseflow Man page
BFI Man page
bfplot Man page
cdf_ev Man page
check_distribution Man page
createlfobj Man page
createlfobj.data.frame Man page
createlfobj.default Man page
createlfobj.lfobj Man page
createlfobj.ts Man page
dmcurve Man page
evfit Man page
evquantile Man page
ev_return_period Man page
fdc Man page
fill_na Man page
find_droughts Man page
flowunit Man page
flowunit<- Man page
flowunit<-.lfobj Man page
flowunit.lfobj Man page
flowunit<-.xts Man page
flowunit.xts Man page
gringorten Man page
hydrograph Man page
hyear_start Man page
hyear_start<- Man page
hyear_start.data.frame Man page
hyear_start<-.lfobj Man page
hyear_start<-.xts Man page
hyear_start.xts Man page
is.lfobj Man page
lfnacheck Man page
lfnainterpolate Man page
lfstat Man page
lfstat-package Man page
ma Man page
MAM Man page
meanflow Man page
multistationsreport Man page
ng Man page
ngaruroro Man page
pel_ev Man page
plot.deficit Man page
pool_ic Man page
pooling Man page
pool_it Man page
pool_ma Man page
pool_sp Man page
Q70 Man page
Q90 Man page
Q95 Man page
qua_ev Man page
Qxx Man page
ray Man page
readlfdata Man page
recession Man page
recessionplot Man page
reversing Man page
rfa Man page
rfaplot Man page
rpline Man page
sbplot Man page
seasindex Man page
seasratio Man page
seglenplot Man page
setlfunit Man page
streamdef Man page
streamdefplot Man page
summary.deficit Man page
trace_value Man page
tyears Man page
tyearsS Man page
vary_threshold Man page
water_year Man page


tests/testthat/test-utils.R tests/testthat/test-import.R tests/testthat/test-mam.R tests/testthat/test-dwa.R tests/testthat/test-baseflow.R
tests/testthat/test-unit.R tests/testthat/test-grouping.R tests/testthat/test-sequent-peak.R tests/testthat/test-tyear.R
R/7multistation.R R/recession.R R/6streamdef.R R/pooling.R R/4flowduration.R R/methods.R R/5extreme.R R/2processes.R R/options.R R/import.R R/lfobj.R R/1NAs.R R/readsheets.R R/3lfindices.R R/misc.R R/todo.R R/hyear.R
man/as.xts.lfobj.Rd man/bfplot.Rd man/pool_ic.Rd man/check_distribution.Rd man/createlfobj.Rd man/as.lfobj.Rd man/readlfdata.Rd man/cdf_ev.Rd man/seasratio.Rd man/ev_return_period.Rd man/seglenplot.Rd man/rainpeakplot.Rd man/lfnacheck.Rd man/meanflow.Rd man/summary.deficit.Rd man/fill_na.Rd man/tyears.Rd man/seasindex.Rd man/plot.deficit.Rd man/baseflow.Rd man/dmcurve.Rd man/hyear_start.Rd man/evfit.Rd man/fdc.Rd man/rpline.Rd man/lfnainterpolate.Rd man/tyearsS.Rd man/vary_threshold.Rd man/Q95.Rd man/multistationsreport.Rd man/trace_value.Rd man/apply.seasonal.Rd man/recession.Rd man/lfstat-package.Rd man/rfaplot.Rd man/water_year.Rd man/rfa.Rd man/hydrograph.Rd man/streamdef.Rd man/MAM.Rd man/gringorten.Rd man/find_droughts.Rd man/flowunit.Rd man/evquantile.Rd man/ma.Rd man/streamdefplot.Rd man/sbplot.Rd man/ngaruroro.Rd man/setlfunit.Rd man/BFI.Rd

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