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An R package for spatiotemporal prediction and forecasting for log-Gaussian Cox processes.




An object of class logical of length 1.


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For examples and further details of the package, type vignette("lgcp"), or refer to the paper associated with this package.

The content of lgcp can be broken up as follows:

Datasets wpopdata.rda, wtowncoords.rda, wtowns.rda. Giving regional and town poopulations as well as town coordinates,are provided by Wikipedia and The Office for National Statistics under respectively the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License and the Open Government Licence.

Data manipulation

Model fitting and parameter estimation

Unconditional and conditional simulation

Summary statistics, diagnostics and visualisation


The lgcp package depends upon some other important contributions to CRAN in order to operate; their uses here are indicated:

spatstat, sp, RandomFields, iterators, ncdf, methods, tcltk, rgl, rpanel, fields, rgdal, maptools, rgeos, raster


To see how to cite lgcp, type citation("lgcp") at the console.


Benjamin Taylor, Health and Medicine, Lancaster University, Tilman Davies, Institute of Fundamental Sciences - Statistics, Massey University, New Zealand., Barry Rowlingson, Health and Medicine, Lancaster University Peter Diggle, Health and Medicine, Lancaster University


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