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Life Logging

agg_sleep_weekdayA function to preprocess sleep data for the Person object.
compare_groupsPrints statistics on dataset, grouped by group assignments
correlationCorrelation between each variable vs each measure
create_datasetCreates a dataset across data sources in a Person object
EXA subset of the data for one user for about one month, from...
experimentDo the specified analysis of the impact of the variables on...
get_hr_zonesCalculate Heart Rate Zones.
l_anovaANOVA test to assess impact of all variables (together) upon...
lifelogrlifelogr: A package for life logging in R.
lifelogrAppRun the Shiny app.
l_plotPlot each variable vs each measure of interest
l_regressionPerforms linear regression with all variables and...
merge_listsMerge a list of lists into one list
PersonA 'Person' object is a complete view of an individual over a...
plot_calPlot calories over time.
plot_dLine graph for continuous variable(s).
plot_dailyPlot daily health totals.
plot_daily_allPlot a series of six graphs.
plot_distancePlot distance per day over time.
plot_floorsPlot number of floors per day over time.
plot_iLine graph for a single continuous variable.
plot_i_distancePlot distance over time.
plot_intradaySwitch table to plot intraday variables.
plot_intraday_allPlot all intraday variables.
plot_mins_veryPlot minutes 'very active' over time.
plot_rest_hrPlot resting heart rate over time.
plot_sleepPlot sleep.
plot_sleep_allPlot a series of six sleep graphs.
plot_sleep_over_timeA function to plot sleep over time.
plot_sleep_qualityA function to plot sleep quality over time.
plot_sleep_restless_minA function to plot the minutes of restless sleep over time.
plot_sleep_restless_propA function to plot the proportion of restless sleep over...
plot_sleep_start_endA function to plot sleep each night by start time and end...
plot_sleep_weekdayA function to plot sleep by day of week.
plot_stepsPlot steps per day over time.
tidy_multi_meas_dataTidy daily data.
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