Man pages for lightsout
Implementation of the 'Lights Out' Puzzle Game

board_classicIs the board using classic game mode?
board_entriesGet the board entries (configuration of the lights)
board_entries-setSet the board entries
board_sizeGet the board size (number of rows/columns)
board_toggle_matrixGet the toggle matrix used to solve the board using linear...
empty_boardInitialize a Lights Out board with all lights switched off
grapes-greater-than-grapesmagrittr forward-pipe operator
is_solvableIs a given Lights Out board solvable?
is_solvedIs the given board is a solved state?
launchRun the graphical interface to the game in a web browser
lightsout-packagelightsout: Implementation of the 'Lights Out' Puzzle Game
new_boardInitialize a Lights Out board with a given lights...
playPlay (press) a single light or multiple lights on a board
print.lightsoutPrint a lightsout board
print.lightsout_solutionPrint a lightsout board solution
random_boardCreate a random (but solvable) Lights Out board
solve_boardSolve a Lights Out board
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