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Analysis and Visualization Likert Items

abs_formatterAbsolute value formatter for continuous_scale
align.plotsAdapted from ggExtra package which is no longer available....
gapFictitious dataset with importance and satisfaction results...
label_wrap_modWrap label text.
likertAnalyze Likert type items. Plot for Likert Items.
likert.density.plotCreates a density plot for likert items.
likert.heat.plotInternal method.
likert.histogram.plotHistogram of number of responses.
likert.matrix.plotMatrix plot (experimental)
likert.optionsBuilds an object with options for plotting 'likert' results.
likert-packageLikert Analysis and Visualization
massResults from an administration of the Math Anxiety Scale...
MathAnxietyPre-summarized results from an administration of the Math...
MathAnxietyGenderPre-summarized results from an administration of the Math...
pisaitemsProgramme of International Student Assessment
plot.likertPlots a set of likert items.
plot.likert.gapPlots a set of likert items.
print.likertPrints results table. method for ''. The primary purpose is to...
print.likert.gapPrints results table.
print.likert.heat.plotPrint method for 'likert.heat.plot'.
print.xlikertPrints the results of 'xtable.likert'.
recodeRecode a vector.
reverse.levelsReverse the levels of a factor.
sasrResults from the Survey of Academic Self-Regulation (SASR).
shinyLikertShiny App for the likert package.
summary.likertPrints summary table of a Likert analysis.
summary.likert.gapPrints summary table of a Likert analysis.
xtable.likertPrints a LaTeX table of the likert items.
zeroGrobThe zero grob draws nothing and has zero size.
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