Man pages for lineup
Lining Up Two Sets of Measurements

calc.locallodCalculate LOD score at physical position of each gene
combinedistCombine distance matrices into a single such
corbetw2matCalculate correlations between columns of two matrices
disteeCalculate distance between two gene expression data sets
distegCalculate distance between two gene expression data sets
expr-dataExample gene expression data
f2crossExample experimental cross data
findCommonIDFind individuals in common between a cross and a phenotype...
find.gene.pseudomarkerFind nearest peudomarker to each gene
fscaleStandardize the columns of a matrix
geneposGenomic positions of genes in simulated expression data
lineupversionInstalled version of R/lineup
omitdiagReplace the diagonal in a distance matrix with missing values
plot2distPlot two sets of inter-individual distances against one...
plotEGclassPlot classifier of eQTL genotype from expression data
plot.lineupdistPlot summary of inter-individual distances
pmapPhysical map of markers
pulldiagPull out the diagonal from a distance matrix
subset.lineupdistSubsetting distance matrix
summary.lineupdistSummarize inter-individual distances
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