Man pages for liquidSVM
A Fast and Versatile SVM Package

banana'banana-bc.train', 'banana-bc.test' 'banana-mc.train', and...
clean.liquidSVMForce to release the internal memory of the C++ objects...
command-argsliquidSVM command line options
compilationInfoCompilation information: whether the library was compiled...
ConfigurationliquidSVM model configuration parameters.
errorsObtain the test errors result.
exSVMExpectile Regression
getCoverGet Cover of partitioned SVM
getSolutionRetrieve the solution of an SVM
init.liquidSVMInitialize an SVM object.
kernCalculates the kernel matrix.
liquidDataLoads or downloads training and testing data
liquidSVM-classA Reference Class to represent a liquidSVM model.
liquidSVM-packageliquidSVM for R
lsSVMLeast Squares Regression
mcSVMMulticlass Classification
mlr-liquidSVMliquidSVM functions for mlr
plotROCPlots the ROC curve for a result or model
predict.liquidSVMPredicts labels of new data using the selected SVM.
print.liquidSVMPrinting an SVM model.
qtSVMQuantile Regression
read.liquidSVMRead and Write Solution from and to File
reg-1d'reg-1d.train' and 'reg-1d.test'
rocSVMReceiver Operating Characteristic curve (ROC curve)
selectSVMsSelects the best hyper-parameters of all the trained SVMs.
setDisplaySet display info mode that controls how much information is...
svmConvenience function to initialize, train, select, and...
test.liquidSVMTests new data using the selected SVM.
trainSVMsTrains an SVM object.
write.liquidDataWrite Smldata
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