Man pages for lmDiallel
Linear Fixed/Mixed Effects Models for Diallel Crosses

blockMatrixDiagonalCreates block diagonal matrix. It is used internally.
DDDominant Deviation effect
diallelMETFactitious dataset for Diallel analysis
expand.diallelCreate a Data Frame from All Combinations of Parentals
GCAGeneral Combining Ability effect
GCACGeneral Combining Ability without considering the selfed...
griffing56Griffing's dataset for diallel analysis
hayman54Hayman dataset for diallel analysis
H.BARAverage heterosis effect
HiAverage heterosis effect
lm.diallelFitting diallel linear models
lonnquist61Half diallel of maize dataset
MatBlockDesign matrix for blocks
MDDMean Dominance Deviation effect
methodsMethods for diallel model fitting
methods.glhtFunctions to retreive full list of genetical effects
mmer.diallelFitting random diallel linear models
model.matrixDiallelIncidence matrices for Diallel model parametrisation
RECReciprocal Effect not parted into RGCA and RSCA
RGCAReciprocal General Combining Ability
RSCAReciprocal Specific Combining Ability
SCASpecific Combining Ability
SPSelfed Parents effect
tSCATotal Specific Combining Ability
UtilitiesUtilities for fitting diallel models.
VEiVariety Effect
zhang05Data for diallel analysis from Zhang (2005)
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