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Data from Scheffe, p140




An unbalanced design. The data originally appeared in Bailey (1953), and was reproduced in Scheffe (1959) with the description:

“...gives the weight of hybrid female rats in a foster-nursing experiment with four types of rats. (The weights are litter averges in grams at 28 days. The within litter variance was obviously negligible compared to the between-litter variance.) The factors in the two-way laout are the genotype of the foster mother and that of the litter. ”


Bob Wheeler bwheelerg@gmail.com


Scheffe, H. (1959)

The Analysis of Variance, Wiley, NY.

Bailey, D.W. (1953)

“The inheritance of Maternal Influences on the Growth of the Rat”. Ph.D. thesis, Univ. California

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