lmSupport: Support for Linear Models

Provides tools and a consistent interface to support analyses using General, Generalized, and Multi-level Linear Models.

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AuthorJohn Curtin <jjcurtin@wisc.edu>
Date of publication2017-01-17 18:24:33
MaintainerJohn Curtin <jjcurtin@wisc.edu>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

dfMerge: Merges two data frames

dfReadDat: Opens a tab-delimited dat file with typical Curtin lab...

dfRemoveCases: Removes cases from dataframe

dfRownames: Sets rownames to SubID

dfWriteDat: Saves dataframe as tab-delimited text file with typical...

figAxis: Wrapper for standarized use of axis()

figBarPlot: Wrapper for standarized use of barplot2() from gplots

figConfidenceBand: Creates confidence band for regression line

figErrBars: Wrapper for standarized use of error bars

figLabDefaults: Generate list graphing parameters

figLegend: Wrapper for standarized use of figLegend()

figLines: Wrapper for standarized use of lines()

figNewDevice: Opens device for graphing

figPlotRegion: Sets up a plot region for later plotting

figPoints: Wrapper for standarized use of points()

figSetDefaults: Saves list of graphing parameters in options

figStripChart: Create strip chart on plot

figText: Wrapper for standarized use of text()

lmSupport-deprecated: Deprecated Functions in lmSupport Package

modelAssumptions: Assess Linear Model Assumptions

modelBoxCox: Calculates lambda for Box-Cox power transformation

modelCaseAnalysis: Provides graphs and/or tests for problematic cases for a...

modelCompare: F-tests for nested models

modelCorrectSE: Calculates White (1980)'s heteroscedascity-corrected SEs and...

modelEffectSizes: Calculates effect size indices based on Sums of Squares

modelErrors: Returns model errors (residuals) from lm object

modelPower: Calculate power for GLM tests

modelPredictions: Provides predicted values for sample or new data. New...

modelR2: Model R2, adjusted R2 and F-test

modelRmd: Returns a formatted string for stats reporting from a model...

modelSummary: summary of results for lm model

varContrasts: Set Factor Contrasts

varDescribe: Provides typical descriptive statistics for data frame

varDescribeBy: Provides common desriptives for dataframe by factor(s)

varMarkdown: Returns a formatted string for stats reporting in R Markdown

varOdd: Tests if Number is Odd

varParse: Returns a subset of digits from a Number

varPlot: Creates histogram, optional rug/strip and density plots, and...

varRecode: Recode levels of variable

varRegressors: Adds actual numeric regressors for factor to dataframe as new...

varRename: Rename Variable in Dataframe

varReverse: Reverse score an ordinal or boolean scored item/variable

varScore: Creates a total score from a sum of items


dfMerge Man page
dfReadDat Man page
dfRemoveCases Man page
dfRownames Man page
dfWriteDat Man page
figAxis Man page
figBarPlot Man page
figConfidenceBand Man page
figErrBars Man page
figLabDefaults Man page
figLegend Man page
figLines Man page
figNewDevice Man page
figPlotRegion Man page
figPoints Man page
figSetDefaults Man page
figStripChart Man page
figText Man page
lm.boxCox Man page
lm.codeRegressors Man page
lm.correctSE Man page
lm.deltaR2 Man page
lm.describeData Man page
lm.describeGroups Man page
lm.figSum Man page
lm.mergeData Man page
lm.pointEstimates Man page
lm.readDat Man page
lm.removeCases Man page
lm.renameVar Man page
lm.setContrasts Man page
lm.setRownames Man page
lm.stripChart Man page
lm.sumSquares Man page
lmSupport-deprecated Man page
lm.writeDat Man page
modelAssumptions Man page
modelBoxCox Man page
modelCaseAnalysis Man page
modelCompare Man page
modelCorrectSE Man page
modelEffectSizes Man page
modelErrors Man page
modelPower Man page
modelPredictions Man page
modelR2 Man page
modelRmd Man page
modelSummary Man page
varContrasts Man page
varDescribe Man page
varDescribeBy Man page
varMarkdown Man page
varOdd Man page
varParse Man page
varPlot Man page
varRecode Man page
varRegressors Man page
varRename Man page
varReverse Man page
varScore Man page


R/varContrasts.R R/modelErrors.R R/dfReadDat.R R/figPlotRegion.R R/varMarkdown.R R/dfRemoveCases.R R/figSetDefaults.R R/modelBoxCox.R R/figStripChart.R R/figAxis.R R/varScore.R R/figText.R R/varRecode.R R/figConfidenceBand.R R/modelSummary.R R/varOdd.R R/varRegressors.R R/dfWriteDat.R R/varParse.R R/modelEffectSizes.R R/varDescribe.R R/varPlot.R R/modelPower.R R/modelCaseAnalysis.R R/figLegend.R R/modelCompare.R R/figLayout.R R/varDescribeBy.R R/dfMerge.R R/dfRownames.R R/varRename.R R/figLines.R R/figPoints.R R/figLabDefaults.R R/varReverse.R R/modelCorrectSE.R R/modelRmd.R R/figErrBars.R R/lmSupport-deprecated.R R/figBarPlot.R R/modelR2.R R/modelPredictions.R R/modelAssumptions.R R/figNewDevice.R
man/figNewDevice.Rd man/figLabDefaults.Rd man/varRegressors.Rd man/modelPredictions.Rd man/modelErrors.Rd
man/modelCompare.Rd man/figBarPlot.Rd man/dfRemoveCases.Rd man/figLegend.Rd man/modelEffectSizes.Rd man/dfWriteDat.Rd man/varDescribe.Rd man/varPlot.Rd man/varOdd.Rd man/dfMerge.Rd man/figAxis.Rd man/varReverse.Rd man/figPoints.Rd man/figLines.Rd man/lmSupport-deprecated.Rd man/modelSummary.Rd man/figText.Rd man/varScore.Rd man/modelCaseAnalysis.Rd man/modelR2.Rd man/modelRmd.Rd man/figConfidenceBand.Rd man/figErrBars.Rd man/figSetDefaults.Rd man/modelAssumptions.Rd man/dfRownames.Rd man/dfReadDat.Rd man/modelCorrectSE.Rd man/varContrasts.Rd man/varParse.Rd man/varRename.Rd man/figPlotRegion.Rd man/modelPower.Rd man/modelBoxCox.Rd man/figStripChart.Rd man/varDescribeBy.Rd man/varRecode.Rd man/varMarkdown.Rd

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