Man pages for lmf
Functions for estimation and inference of selection in age-structured populations

atCfnCalculate corrected temporal mean coefficients of selection
boot.lmfBootstrap resampling for class "lmf"
ci.boot.lmfConfidence intervals for class "boot.lmf"
eigenlCalculating lambda, u and v
fsEstimate temporal coefficients of selection
invCalculate the inverse of a matrix
lm.extractExtract linear regression components
lmfFitting age-structured selection model
lmf-packageFunctions for estimation and inference of selection in...
lnL.MMaximum likelihood function for temporal coefficients of...
nearPDFind nearest positive definite matrix
nfsEstimate temporal coefficients of selection assuming no...
plot.boot.lmfPlotting function for class "boot.lmf"
plot.lmfPlot diagnostics for an lmf object
projectionThe projection matrix
rmnormGenerate random numbers from the multivariate normal...
seStandard error
sparrowdataHouse Sparrow data set
summary.boot.lmfSummarizing bootstraps of lmf fits
summary.lmfSummarizing lmf fits
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