Man pages for lolog
Latent Order Logistic Graph Models

as.BinaryNetConvert to either an UndirectedNet or DirectedNet object
as.BinaryNet.defaultConvert to either an UndirectedNet or DirectedNet object
as.networkNetwork conversion a DirectedNet to a network object a UndirectedNet to a network object
calculateStatisticsCalculate network statistics from a formula
call-symbolsInternal Symbols
coef.lologExtracts estimated model coefficients.
createCppModelCreates a model
createLatentOrderLikelihoodCreates a probability model for a latent ordered network...
gofitConduct goodness of fit diagnostics
gofit.lologGoodness of Fit Diagnostics for a LOLOG fit
inlineLologPluginAn lolog plug-in for easy C++ prototyping and access
lazegaCollaboration Relationships Among Partners at a New England...
lologFits a LOLOG model via Monte Carlo Generalized Method of...
lologPackageSkeletonCreate a skeleton for a package extending lolog
lolog-termsLOLOG Model Terms
lologVariationalFits a latent ordered network model using Monte Carlo...
plot.gofitPlots a gofit object
plot.lologGmmConduct Monte Carlo diagnostics on a lolog model fit
plot.Rcpp_DirectedNetplot an DirectedNet object
plot.Rcpp_UndirectedNetPlot an UndirectedNet object
print.gofitprints a gofit object
print.lologPrint a 'lolog' object
print.lologVariationalFitPrint of a lologVariationalFit object
registerDirectedStatisticRegister Statistics
simulate.lologGenerates BinaryNetworks from a fit lolog object
summary.lologSummary of a 'lolog' object
ukFacultyFriendship network of a UK university faculty
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