ukFaculty: Friendship network of a UK university faculty

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The personal friendship network of a faculty of a UK university, consisting of 81 vertices (individuals) and 817 directed and weighted connections. The school affiliation of each individual is stored as a vertex attribute. The survey contained missing data for the school of two individuals.



Licenses and Citation

When publishing results obtained using this data set, the original authors (Nepusz T., Petroczi A., Negyessy L., Bazso F. 2008) should be cited, along with this R package.


Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License, see for details.


The data set was originally reported by Nepusz et. al. (2008) and was subsequently processed and included by the igraphdata package. We have simply converted their network from an igraph to a network object.


Nepusz T., Petroczi A., Negyessy L., Bazso F.: Fuzzy communities and the concept of bridgeness in complex networks. Physical Review E 77:016107, 2008.

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