Defines functions l_getGraph

Documented in l_getGraph

#' @title Extract a loongraph or graph object from loon's graph display
#' @description The graph display represents a graph with the \code{nodes}, 
#'   \code{from}, \code{to}, and \code{isDirected} plot states. This function 
#'   creates a loongraph or a graph object using these states.
#' @param widget a graph widget handle
#' @param asloongraph boolean, if TRUE then the function returns a loongraph
#'   object, otherwise the function returns a graph object defined in the graph
#'   \R package.
#' @return a loongraph or a graph object
#' @seealso \code{\link{l_graph}}, \code{\link{loongraph}}
#' @export
l_getGraph <- function(widget, asloongraph=TRUE) {
    graph <- loongraph(nodes = l_cget(widget, 'nodes'),
                       from = l_cget(widget, 'from'),
                       to = l_cget(widget, 'to'),
                       isDirected = l_cget(widget, 'isDirected'))
    if(!asloongraph) {
        graph <- as.graph(graph)

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