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At each step, a random one of all candidate nodes was chosen when finding next node in the process of making a single connected graph. This method can allow us to obtain different decomposition results possibly. In contrast, the method used in 'loop.forward' function will always return only one possibility of decomposition. This algorithm is the one employed in the function 'decomp'. Next version will use function 'uniquepaths' to get all possible decompositions at the same time.





square graph matrix


Youhua Chen <[email protected]>


van Groenendael J, de Kroon H, Kalisz S, Tuljapurkar S (1994) Loop analysis: evaluating life history pathways in population projection matrices. Ecology, 75, 2410-2415.

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Chen Y (2012) loop: an R package for performing decomposition of weighted directed graphs, food web analysis and flexible network plotting. Submitted.

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