Man pages for loose.rock
Tools for Survival Analysis and Data Science balanced folds for cross validation balanced folds for cross validation
balanced.train.and.testGet a balanced test and train dataset
balanced.train.and.test.from.vectorGet a balanced test and train dataset
base.dirchange base.dir for run.cache
build.function.digestBuild digest of function from the actual code
cache.compressionchange cache.compression for run.cache
calculate.resultCalculate/load result and save if necessary
ccds.genes.internalDownload coding genes from CCDS
coding.genesRetrive coding genes from known databases
coding.genes.ensemblEnsembl coding genes, local function directories for cache
curl.workaroundWorkaround for bug with curl when fetching specific ensembl...
digest.cacheDefault digest method
draw.cov.matrixPlot covariance heatmap from matrix
gen.synth.xdataGenerate xdata matrix with pre-determined covariance
getBM.internalInternal call to biomaRt::getBM
getHsapiensMart.internalGet hsapiens mart from biomaRt
join.ensembl.and.ccdsJoin genes from ensembl and ccds in a single table
listEnsemblMirrorsInternal function to list mirrors
loose.rockloose.rock: compilation of data science functions
loose.rock.optionsConstants for 'loose.rock' package
multiplotMultiple plot
my.colorsCustom pallete of colors
my.symbolsCustom pallete of symbols in plots
properCapitalizes all words in string
release_questionsQuestions to ask when calling devtools::release()
run.cacheRun function and save cache
run.cache-function-methodRun function and save cache the cache
search.genes.internalSearch genes in biomaRt
show.messageShow messages option in run.cache
tempdir.cacheTemporary directory for runCache
write.readmeWrite a file in run-cache directory to explain the origin
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