Man pages for loose.rock
Tools for Survival Analysis and Data Science balanced folds for cross validation
balanced.train.and.testGet a balanced test and train dataset
base.dirchange base.dir for run.cache
cache.compressionchange cache.compression for run.cache
coding.genesRetrive coding genes from known databases
digest.cacheDefault digest method
draw.cov.matrixPlot covariance heatmap from matrix
gen.synth.xdataGenerate xdata matrix with pre-determined covariance
loose.rockloose.rock: compiles my generic function
loose.rock.optionsConstants for 'loose.rock' package
multiplotMultiple plot
my.colorsCustom pallete of colors
my.symbolsCustom pallete of symbols in plots
properCapitalizes all words in string
run.cacheRun function and save cache
run.cache-function-methodRun function and save cache
show.messageShow messages option in run.cache
tempdir.cacheTemporary directory for runCache
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