Man pages for lordif
Logistic Ordinal Regression Differential Item Functioning using IRT

AnxietyA Measure of Anxiety
calcprobcalculates item response probabilities
calcthetacalculates EAP theta estimates and associated standard errors
collapsecollapses response categories
DFITcalculates DFIT statistics
equateperforms Stocking-Lord Equating
extractextracts IRT item parameters
getcutoffdetermines a cutoff threshold
lordifperforms Logistic Ordinal Regression Differential Item...
lordif-packageLogistic Ordinal Regression Differential Item Functioning...
montecarloperforms Monte Carlo simulations to generate empirical...
permuteperforms permutation test for empirical cutoff thresholds
plot.lordifPlot method for lordif class
plot.lordif.MCPlot method for Monte Carlo simulation output
probgpcmcalculates item response probabilities according to GPCM
probgrmcalculates item response probabilities according to GRM
recoderecodes item responses
rundifruns ordinal logistic regression DIF
runolrruns ordinal logistic regression models
separatesplits item response vectors of DIF items by group
tcccomputes a test characteristic curve (tcc)
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