lqmm: Linear Quantile Mixed Models

This is a collection of functions to fit quantile regression models for independent and hierarchical data.

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AuthorMarco Geraci
Date of publication2016-02-03 22:06:23
MaintainerMarco Geraci <geraci@mailbox.sc.edu>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

boot: Bootstrap functions for LQM and LQMM

coef.lqm: Extract LQM Coefficients

coef.lqmm: Extract LQMM Coefficients

covHandling: Variance-Covariance Matrix

dal: The Asymmetric Laplace Distribution

extractBoot: Extract Fixed and Random Bootstrapped Parameters

gauss.quad: Gaussian Quadrature

gauss.quad.prob: Gaussian Quadrature

is.positive.definite: Test for Positive Definiteness

labor: Labor Pain Data

logLik.lqm: Extract Log-Likelihood

logLik.lqmm: Extract Log-Likelihood

lqm: Fitting Linear Quantile Models

lqmControl: Control parameters for lqm estimation

lqm.counts: Quantile Regression for Counts

lqm.fit.gs: Quantile Regression Fitting by Gradient Search

lqmm: Fitting Linear Quantile Mixed Models

lqmmControl: Control parameters for lqmm estimation

lqmm.fit.df: Linear Quantile Mixed Models Fitting by Derivative-Free...

lqmm.fit.gs: Linear Quantile Mixed Models Fitting by Gradient Search

lqmm-internal: Internal lqmm objects

lqmm-package: Linear Quantile Models and Linear Quantile Mixed Models

make.positive.definite: Compute Nearest Positive Definite Matrix

meanAL: Functions for Asymmetric Laplace Distribution Parameters

mleAL: Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Asymmetric Laplace...

Orthodont: Growth curve data on an orthdontic measurement

predict.lqm: Predictions from LQM Objects

predict.lqmm: Predictions from an 'lqmm' Object

print.lqm: Print LQM Objects

print.lqmm: Print an 'lqmm' Object

print.summary.lqm: Print an 'lqm' Summary Object

print.summary.lqmm: Print an 'lqmm' Summary Object

ranef: Extract Random Effects

residuals.lqm: Residuals from an LQM Objects

residuals.lqmm: Residuals from an 'lqmm' Object

summary.boot.lqm: Summary for a 'boot.lqm' Object

summary.boot.lqmm: Summary for a 'boot.lqmm' Object

summary.lqm: Summary for an 'lqm' Object

summary.lqmm: Summary for an 'lqmm' Object

VarCorr: Extract Variance-Covariance Matrix


addnoise Man page
allVarsRec Man page
asOneFormula Man page
bandwidth.rq Man page
boot Man page
boot.lqm Man page
boot.lqmm Man page
coef.lqm Man page
coef.lqm.counts Man page
coef.lqmm Man page
covHandling Man page
createLaguerre Man page
dal Man page
errorHandling Man page
extractAll Man page
extractBoot Man page
extractBoot.boot.lqmm Man page
.First.lib Man page
F.lqm Man page
gauss.quad Man page
gauss.quad.prob Man page
invTfun Man page
invvarAL Man page
is.positive.definite Man page
labor Man page
.Last.lib Man page
loglik.al Man page
logLik.lqm Man page
logLik.lqmm Man page
loglik.s Man page
loglik.t Man page
lqm Man page
lqmControl Man page
lqm.counts Man page
lqm.fit.gs Man page
lqmgsR Man page
lqmm Man page
lqmmControl Man page
lqmm.fit.df Man page
lqmm.fit.gs Man page
lqmm-package Man page
make.positive.definite Man page
meanAL Man page
mleAL Man page
Orthodont Man page
pal Man page
permutations Man page
predict.lqm Man page
predict.lqm.counts Man page
predict.lqmm Man page
predint Man page
predint.lqmm Man page
print.lqm Man page
print.lqm.counts Man page
print.lqmm Man page
print.summary.lqm Man page
print.summary.lqmm Man page
qal Man page
quad Man page
ral Man page
ranef Man page
ranef.lqmm Man page
residuals.lqm Man page
residuals.lqm.counts Man page
residuals.lqmm Man page
summary.boot.lqm Man page
summary.boot.lqmm Man page
summary.lqm Man page
summary.lqmm Man page
switch_check Man page
Tfun Man page
theta.z.dim Man page
varAL Man page
VarCorr Man page
VarCorr.lqmm Man page

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