Man pages for lqmm
Linear Quantile Mixed Models

bootBootstrap functions for LQM and LQMM
coef.lqmExtract LQM Coefficients
coef.lqmmExtract LQMM Coefficients
covHandlingVariance-Covariance Matrix
dalThe Asymmetric Laplace Distribution
extractBootExtract Fixed and Random Bootstrapped Parameters
gauss.quadGaussian Quadrature
gauss.quad.probGaussian Quadrature
is.positive.definiteTest for Positive Definiteness
laborLabor Pain Data
logLik.lqmExtract Log-Likelihood
logLik.lqmmExtract Log-Likelihood
lqmFitting Linear Quantile Models
lqmControlControl parameters for lqm estimation
lqm.countsQuantile Regression for Counts Regression Fitting by Gradient Search
lqmmFitting Linear Quantile Mixed Models
lqmmControlControl parameters for lqmm estimation Quantile Mixed Models Fitting by Derivative-Free... Quantile Mixed Models Fitting by Gradient Search
lqmm-internalInternal lqmm objects
lqmm-packageLinear Quantile Models and Linear Quantile Mixed Models
make.positive.definiteCompute Nearest Positive Definite Matrix
meanALFunctions for Asymmetric Laplace Distribution Parameters
mleALMaximum Likelihood Estimation of Asymmetric Laplace...
OrthodontGrowth curve data on an orthdontic measurement
predict.lqmPredictions from LQM Objects
predict.lqmmPredictions from an 'lqmm' Object
print.lqmPrint LQM Objects
print.lqmmPrint an 'lqmm' Object
print.summary.lqmPrint an 'lqm' Summary Object
print.summary.lqmmPrint an 'lqmm' Summary Object
ranefExtract Random Effects
residuals.lqmResiduals from an LQM Objects
residuals.lqmmResiduals from an 'lqmm' Object
summary.boot.lqmSummary for a 'boot.lqm' Object
summary.boot.lqmmSummary for a 'boot.lqmm' Object
summary.lqmSummary for an 'lqm' Object
summary.lqmmSummary for an 'lqmm' Object
VarCorrExtract Variance-Covariance Matrix
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