inp_exSglyGrid: Mandatory Data for the Example 'Single-Year Grid'

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Mandatory Data for the Example 'Single-Year Grid'


Data needed to demonstrate the working of functions with a grid mode. Measured monthly time series of the year 2010 for three basic climate variables retrieved from the the CarpatClim database (Spinoni et al. 2015), for Csongrád-Csanád County; supplemented with a digital elevation model. Monthly mean relative sunshine duration has been obtained as a ratio of monthly total of sunshine duration and maximum potential number of sunshine hours under clear-sky conditions. Daylength (accumulated hours of daylight) was calculated via Eq 1.6.11 in Duffie and Beckman (1991), according to the SPLASH radiation model (see cliAvgDlySolIrrPoints). For all grids, the WGS84 (EPSG:4326) coordinate system was used with a horizontal resolution of 0.1°.


A list with three RasterBricks and one RasterLayer.

Each of the RasterBricks contains a one-year monthly time series for the year 2010, for the following climate variables:

  • temp: mean air temperature (in °C)

  • prec: precipitation sum (in mm)

  • bsdf: mean relative sunshine duration (dimensionless)

Elevation data can be extracted from a single RasterLayer: elv.


Duffie JA, Beckman WA (1991) Solar Engineering of Thermal Processes. Second Edition. Wiley-Interscience, New York, NY

Spinoni J, Szalai S, Szentimrey T, Lakatos M, Bihari Z, Nagy A, Németh Á, Kovács T, Mihic D, Dacic M, Petrovic P, Kržič A, Hiebl J, Auer I, Milkovic J, Štepánek P, Zahradnícek P, Kilar P, Limanowka D, Pyrc R, Cheval S, Birsan M-V, Dumitrescu A, Deak G, Matei M, Antolovic I, Nejedlík P, Štastný P, Kajaba P, Bochnícek O, Galo D, Mikulová K, Nabyvanets Y, Skrynyk O, Krakovska S, Gnatiuk N, Tolasz R, Antofie T, Vogt J (2015) Climate of the Carpathian Region in the period 1961–2010: climatologies and trends of 10 variables. Int J Climatol 35(7):1322-1341. \Sexpr[results=rd]{tools:::Rd_expr_doi("10.1002/joc.4059")}



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