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Supplemental Data Frame for Decoding Outputs of Vegetation Classifiers


The key to the classes used by climate-based vegetation classifiers implemented here. Currently, three bioclimatic vegetation classification approaches are implemented:

  • HLZ: a version with no altitudinal belts of the Holdridge life zone (HLZ) system (Holdridge 1947, 1967), in accordance with works of Szelepcsényi et al. (2014, 2018)

  • KGC: the Köppen-Geiger classification (KGC) system (Köppen 1936) with some modifications suggested by Peel et al. (2007)

  • BIOME: the initial version of the BIOME model developed by Prentice et al. (1992)


A data frame that allows for interpreting the return objects provided by climate-based vegetation classifiers implemented here. Two columns belong to each vegetation classification approach. Columns whose names begin with the string 'Name.' contain the full names of the vegetation classes. While columns whose names begin with the string 'Code.' summarize the abbreviations used by functions with a point mode. Row numbers of the data frame have a special role because they are the same as the numbers returned by the functions with a grid mode.


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