Man pages for mactivate
Multiplicative Activation

df_hospitals_orthoOrthopedic Device Sales
f_control_mactivateSet Fitting Hyperparameters
f_dmss_dWCalculate Derivative of Cost Function wrt W
f_fit_gradient_01Fit Multivariate Regression Model with mactivate Using...
f_fit_gradient_logistic_01Fit Logistic Multivariate Regression Model with mactivate...
f_fit_hybrid_01Fit Multivariate Regression Model with mactivate Using Hybrid...
f_logit_costLogistic Cost
f_mactivateMap Activation Layer and Inputs to Polynomial Model Inputs
predict.mactivate_fit_gradient_01Predict from Fitted Gradient Model
predict.mactivate_fit_gradient_logistic_01Predict from Fitted Gradient Logistic Model
predict.mactivate_fit_hybrid_01Predict from Fitted Hybrid Model
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