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Automatic Differentiation of Multivariate Operations

accessor-methodsAccessor methods.
arithopsBasic Arithmetic Operations.
asCoerce madness to something else
as.madnessCoerce to a madness object.
bindRow and Column Bind
blockrepReplicate blocks of multidimensional value.
colsumsForm Row and Column Sums and Means
detMatrix Determinant
eigenSpectral Decomposition of a Matrix
elwiseElement-wise Multivariate Operations
extract-methodsExtract parts of a 'madness' value.
madness-classMadness Class.
madness-pkgMultivariate Automatic Differentiation.
marithopsBasic Matrix Arithmetic Operations.
matrix.traceMatrix Trace
matwiseMatrix-wise Multivariate Operations
maxMaxima and Minima
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normMatrix and vector norms.
numderivNumerical (approximate) Differentiation.
outerOuter product.
reshapesBasic Reshape Operations
setter-methodsSetter methods.
show-methodsShow a madness object.
solveBasic Matrix Inversion
stock_returnsStock Returns Data
sumprodSum and Product.
thetaEstimate the symmetric second moment array of values.
todiagDiagonal Operations
to_objectiveConvert a madness object into an objective value with...
twomomentsEstimate the mean and covariance of values.
vcov.madnessCalculate Variance-Covariance Matrix for a model.
vecvectorize a multidimensional array.
wff3Weekly Fama French 3 Factor Returns
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