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Multi-Analysis Distance Sampling

accumulate.resultsEnters the prorated results into the bootstrap.results array
calculate.dhtCalculates the abundance for each species code including the...
check.convergenceChecks whether the model has converged
check.covar.uncertaintyPerforms checks on the covariate.uncertainty dataframe
check.ddf.modelsChecks the list of model names supplied by the user
check.fittedChecks whether the model's fitted values make sense
check.species.code.definitionsChecks the list of species code deifinitions supplied by the...
check.species.presenceChecks the list of species presence definitions supplied by...
create.obs.tableCreates a subsetted observation table
create.param.arraysCreates a list of arrays for storing the ddf results
create.result.arraysCreates a list of arrays for storing the dht results
execute.multi.analysisPerforms Multiple Analyses on Distance Data
fit.ddf.modelsRefits the detection functions to the resampled data
format.dht.resultsFormats the estimated abundances of all species categories,...
get.datasetsExtracts the data and models from the ddf objects
mae.warningWarning function
model.descriptionExtracts the model description
process.bootstrap.resultsSummarises the bootstrap results.
process.warningsSummarises warnings
prorate.unidentifiedProrate the estimated abundances of the unidentified...
renumber.duplicatesRenumbers the object IDs for the duplicate observations...
resample.covariatesParametrcally resamples selected variables in the dataset.
resample.dataResamples the data for the bootstrap
rtpoisRamdonly generates values from a zero-truncated Poisson...
store.param.estsUpdates bootstrap.ddf.statistics
summary.maSummary of multi-analysis object of multi-analysis object of multi-analysis object of multi-analysis object a summary of an element of a multi-analysis result... of multi-analysis object
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