manifestoR: Access and Process Data and Documents of the Manifesto Project

Provides access to coded election programmes from the Manifesto Corpus and to the Manifesto Project's Main Dataset and routines to analyse this data. The Manifesto Project ( collects and analyses election programmes across time and space to measure the political preferences of parties. The Manifesto Corpus contains the collected and annotated election programmes in the Corpus format of the package 'tm' to enable easy use of text processing and text mining functionality. Specific functions for scaling of coded political texts are included.

AuthorJirka Lewandowski [aut, cre], Nicolas Merz [aut], Sven Regel [ctb], Pola Lehmann [ctb]
Date of publication2016-07-22 18:51:41
MaintainerJirka Lewandowski <>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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Man pages

aggregate_pers: Aggregate category percentages in groups

attach_year: Compute year from date variable in MPDS

categories: Lists of categories and category relations

clarity_dimensions: Default programmatic clarity dimensions from...

cmp_codes: Process CMP codings

codes: Access the codes of a Manifesto Document or Corpus

corpusupdate: Check for Updates of Corpus in Manifesto Project DB

count_codes: Count the codings from a ManifestoDocument

formatids: Format ids for web API queries

formatmpds: Format the main data set

franzmann_kaiser: Left-Right Scores based on Franzmann & Kaiser Method

get_mpdb: Download content from the Manifesto Database

get_viacache: Get API results via cache

iff: Apply a function if and only if test is TRUE

issue_attention_diversity: Issue Attention Diversity

ManifestoAvailability: Manifesto Availability Information class

ManifestoCorpus: Manifesto Corpus class

ManifestoDocument: Manifesto Document

ManifestoDocumentMeta: Manifesto Document Metadata

manifestoR: Access and process data and documents of the Manifesto...

ManifestoSource: Data Source for Manifesto Corpus

median_voter: Median Voter position

mp_availability: Availability information for election programmes

mp_bootstrap: Compute bootstrap distributions for scaling functions

mp_cite: Print Manifesto Corpus citation information

mp_clarity: Programmatic clarity measures (PC)

mp_coreversions: List the available versions of the Manifesto Project's Main...

mp_corpus: Get documents from the Manifesto Corpus Database

mp_corpusversions: List the available versions of the Manifesto Project's Corpus

mpdb_api_request: Manifesto Project DB API request

mp_emptycache: Empty the manifestoR's cache

mp_interpolate: Interpolate values within election periods

mp_load_cache: Load manifestoR's cache

mp_maindataset: Access the Manifesto Project's Main Dataset

mp_metadata: Get meta data for election programmes

mp_nicheness: Party nicheness measures

mp_rmps: Relative measure of party size (RMPS)

mp_save_cache: Save manifestoR's cache

mp_scale: Scaling annotated manifesto documents

mp_setapikey: Set the API key for the Manifesto Documents Database.

mp_use_corpus_version: Use a specific version of the Manifesto Project Corpus

mp_view_originals: View original documents from the Manifesto Corpus Database

na_action: Replace NAs in vector with fixed value

null_to_na: Convert NULL to NA

prefix: Prefix a string of text

readManifesto: Reader for 'ManifestoSource' Replicates cases in a data.frame

rescale: Simple linear rescaling of positions

rile: RILE

scale: Scaling functions

split_belgium: Split Belgium party system into separate groups

vanilla: Vanilla Scaling by Gabel & Huber

Files in this package

manifestoR/R/scaling_bootstrap.R manifestoR/R/db_api.R manifestoR/R/scaling_general.R manifestoR/R/issue_attention.R manifestoR/R/pipe_helpers.R manifestoR/R/manifesto.R manifestoR/R/globals.R manifestoR/R/corpus.R manifestoR/R/cache.R manifestoR/R/scaling_functions.R manifestoR/R/nicheness.R manifestoR/R/dataset.R manifestoR/R/scaling_rile.R manifestoR/R/codes.R manifestoR/R/clarity.R
manifestoR/man/rile.Rd manifestoR/man/prefix.Rd manifestoR/man/franzmann_kaiser.Rd manifestoR/man/mp_maindataset.Rd manifestoR/man/attach_year.Rd manifestoR/man/split_belgium.Rd manifestoR/man/mp_cite.Rd manifestoR/man/codes.Rd manifestoR/man/scale.Rd manifestoR/man/mp_nicheness.Rd manifestoR/man/get_mpdb.Rd manifestoR/man/corpusupdate.Rd manifestoR/man/mp_corpus.Rd manifestoR/man/categories.Rd manifestoR/man/na_action.Rd manifestoR/man/mp_corpusversions.Rd manifestoR/man/mp_clarity.Rd manifestoR/man/mp_scale.Rd manifestoR/man/ManifestoDocumentMeta.Rd manifestoR/man/mp_use_corpus_version.Rd manifestoR/man/mp_setapikey.Rd manifestoR/man/clarity_dimensions.Rd manifestoR/man/mp_emptycache.Rd manifestoR/man/count_codes.Rd manifestoR/man/aggregate_pers.Rd manifestoR/man/mp_availability.Rd manifestoR/man/formatmpds.Rd manifestoR/man/ manifestoR/man/mp_bootstrap.Rd manifestoR/man/cmp_codes.Rd manifestoR/man/iff.Rd manifestoR/man/median_voter.Rd manifestoR/man/mp_interpolate.Rd manifestoR/man/mp_load_cache.Rd manifestoR/man/null_to_na.Rd manifestoR/man/mp_save_cache.Rd manifestoR/man/rescale.Rd manifestoR/man/formatids.Rd manifestoR/man/ManifestoAvailability.Rd manifestoR/man/mp_view_originals.Rd manifestoR/man/manifestoR.Rd manifestoR/man/mp_metadata.Rd manifestoR/man/ManifestoCorpus.Rd manifestoR/man/readManifesto.Rd manifestoR/man/mpdb_api_request.Rd manifestoR/man/ManifestoSource.Rd manifestoR/man/vanilla.Rd manifestoR/man/issue_attention_diversity.Rd manifestoR/man/ManifestoDocument.Rd manifestoR/man/mp_rmps.Rd manifestoR/man/mp_coreversions.Rd manifestoR/man/get_viacache.Rd

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