get_packages: Find and download packages in the many packages universe

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get_packagesR Documentation

Find and download packages in the many packages universe


Find and download packages in the many packages universe.





A character vector of package names or number of a package. To download multiple packages at once, please declare package names as a vector (e.g. c("pkg1", "pkg2)).


The function finds and download other packages that belong to the many universe of packages. It allows users to rapidly access the names and other descriptive information of these packages by simply calling the function. If users intend to download and install a package from the universe, they can type the package name within the function.


If no package name is provided, this function prints a table (tibble) to the console with details on packages that are currently available within the many universe. This includes the name and description of the package, the latest installed and release version number, and the latest release date. It also include a list of numbers which orders the package and can be used to load the respective package instead of the name. If one or more package names are provided, these will be installed from Github.



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