Man pages for mapboxapi
R Interface to 'Mapbox' Web Services

addMapboxTilesUse a Mapbox style in a Leaflet map
check_upload_statusCheck the status of a Mapbox upload
get_static_tilesGet static tiles from a Mapbox style for use as a basemap
get_styleGet information about a style or list styles from a Mapbox...
get_vector_tilesRetrieve vector tiles from a given Mapbox tileset
layer_static_mapboxMake a static Mapbox ggplot2 layer or tmap basemap
mapboxapiAn R interface to Mapbox web services
mb_access_tokenInstall or retrieve a Mapbox access token in your .Renviron...
mb_directionsMake a request to the Mapbox Directions API
mb_geocodeGeocode an address or place description using the Mapbox...
mb_isochroneGenerate isochrones using the Mapbox Navigation Service...
mb_matrixRetrieve a matrix of travel times from the Mapbox Directions...
mb_optimized_routeReturn an optimized route for a series of input coordinates
prep_overlay_markersPrepare overlay markers for use in a Mapbox static map
query_tilesGet information about features in a tileset using the...
static_mapboxReturn a static Mapbox map from a specified style
tippecanoeGenerate an .mbtiles file with tippecanoe
upload_tilesUpload dataset to your Mapbox account
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