Man pages for maps
Draw Geographical Maps

area.mapArea of projected map regions
canada.citiesDatabase of Canadian cities
countyUnited States County Map
county.fipsFIPS county codes for US County Map
franceFrance Map
identify.mapIdentify regions on a map
internalInternally Required Functions
internal2Internally Required Functions
iso3166ISO 3166 country codes (2 or 3 letters) and sovereignty.
iso.expandIdentify countries by ISO 3166 codes (2 or 3 letters) or by...
italyItaly Map
lakesWorld lakes database
mapDraw Geographical Maps
map.axesDraw Axes on Geographical Maps
map.citiesAdd Cities to Existing Map
map.scaleAdd Scale to Existing Unprojected Map
map.textDraw a map with labeled regions
map.whereLocate points on a map
match.mapIndex map regions
nzNew Zealand Basic Map
ozoneSample datasets
polygonPolygon functions
smooth.mapSmooth out aggregated data
Spatial2mapRead SpatialPolygons and SpatialLines objects
stateUnited States State Boundaries Map
state.cartoUnited States State Population Cartogram Map
state.fipsFIPS state codes for US 48 State Map
state.vbmUnited States State Visibility Base Map
usaUnited States Coast Map
us.citiesDatabase of US cities
worldLow (mid) resolution World Map
world2Pacific Centric Low resolution World Map
world.citiesDatabase of world cities
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