internal2: Internally Required Functions

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Internally Required Functions


These functions are called internally and will generally not be required by the user.

insert(x, i, v), regions, warn = FALSE), regions, warn = FALSE)
map.poly(database, regions = ".", exact = FALSE, xlim = NULL, ylim = NULL,
         boundary = TRUE, interior = TRUE, fill = FALSE, as.polygon = FALSE,
map.wrap(p, xlim=NULL)
map.wrap.poly(data, xlim, poly = FALSE, antarctica = -89.5)
map.clip.poly(data, xlim = c(NA, NA), ylim = c(NA, NA), poly = FALSE)
subgroup(x, i)
gp.smooth(x, z, xo, lambda, r)
kernel.smooth(x, z, xo, lambda, region = NULL, normalize = TRUE)
kernel.region.region(x, region, lambda)
kernel.region.x(x, region, z, lambda)

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