Man pages for mapsf
Thematic Cartography

mapsfPackage description
mf_annotationPlot an annotation
mf_arrowPlot a north arrow
mf_backgroundPlot a background image
mf_basePlot an sf object
mf_choroPlot a choropleth map
mf_creditsPlot credits
mf_exportExport a map
mf_get_breaksGet class intervals
mf_get_leg_posGet the optimal position of a legend
mf_get_linksGet a link layer from a data.frame of links.
mf_get_mtqGet the 'mtq' dataset
mf_get_palGet color palettes
mf_gradPlot graduated symbols
mf_initInitialize a map with a specific extent
mf_inset_onPlot an inset
mf_labelPlot labels
mf_layoutPlot a map layout
mf_legendPlot a legend
mf_legend_cPlot a legend for a choropleth map
mf_legend_glPlot a legend for a graduated lines map
mf_legend_pPlot a legend for a proportional symbols map
mf_legend_plPlot a legend for a proportional lines map
mf_legend_sPlot a legend for a symbols map
mf_legend_tPlot a legend for a typology map
mf_mapPlot a map
mf_propPlot proportional symbols
mf_prop_choroPlot proportional symbols using choropleth coloration
mf_prop_typoPlot proportional symbols using typology coloration
mf_rasterPlot a raster
mf_scalePlot a scale bar
mf_shadowPlot a shadow
mf_symbPlot symbols
mf_symb_choroPlot symbols using choropleth coloration
mf_themeSet a theme
mf_titlePlot a title
mf_typoPlot a typology map
mf_worldmapPlot a point on a world map
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