Man pages for mapview
Interactive Viewing of Spatial Data in R

addFeaturesType agnositc version of 'leaflet::add*' functions.
addHomeButtonAdd a home button / zoom-to-layer button to a map.
addImageQueryAdd image query functionality to leaflet/mapview map.
addLogoadd a local or remote image (png, jpg, gif, bmp, ...) to a...
addMapPaneAdd additional panes to leaflet map to control layer order
addMouseCoordinatesAdd mouse coordinate information at top of map.
addStaticLabelsAdd static labels to 'leaflet' or 'mapview' objects
breweriesSelected breweries in Franconia
coords2JSONConvert a vector/matrix of coordinates to JSON format
coords2LinesConvert points to SpatialLines*
coords2PolygonsConvert points to SpatialPolygons*
cubeViewView a RasterStack or RasterBrick as 3-dimensional data cube.
cubeViewOutputWidget output function for use in Shiny
franconiaAdministrative district borders of Franconia
garnishMapGarnish/decorate leaflet or mapview maps.
knit_print.mapviewPrint functions for mapview objects used in knitr
latticeViewView two or more (possibly synchronised) mapview or leaflet...
mapshotSave mapview or leaflet map as HTML and/or image
mapViewView spatial objects interactively
mapview-classClass mapview
mapviewColorsmapview version of leaflet::color* functions
mapviewOptionsGlobal options for the mapview package
mapviewOutputCreate a mapview UI element for use with shiny
mapview-packageInteractive viewing of spatial objects in R
nptscount the number of points/vertices/nodes of sf objects
plainViewView raster objects interactively without background map but...
plusmapview + mapview adds data from the second map to the first
poppendorfLandsat 8 detail of Franconian Switzerland centered on...
popupCreate HTML strings for popups
print-mapview-methodMethod for printing mapview objects
renderCubeViewWidget render function for use in Shiny
renderMapviewRender a mapview widget in shiny
show-mapview-methodMethod for printing mapview objects (show)
trailsSelected hiking trails in Franconia
viewExtentView extent/bbox of spatial objects interactively
viewRGBRed-Green-Blue map view of a multi-layered Raster object
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