mapshot: Save mapview or leaflet map as HTML and/or image

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Save mapview or leaflet map as HTML and/or image


Save a mapview or leaflet map as .html index file or .png, .pdf, or .jpeg image.


  url = NULL,
  file = NULL,
  remove_controls = c("zoomControl", "layersControl", "homeButton", "scaleBar",
    "drawToolbar", "easyButton"),



mapview or leaflet object (or any other hmtlwidget).


Output .html file. If not supplied and 'file' is specified, a temporary index file will be created.


Output .png, .pdf, or .jpeg file.


character vector of control buttons to be removed from the map when saving to file. Any combination of "zoomControl", "layersControl", "homeButton", "scaleBar", "drawToolbar", "easyButton". If set to NULL nothing will be removed. Ignord if x is not a mapview or leaflet map.


Further arguments passed on to saveWidget and/or webshot.


mapshot can be used to save both leaflet and mapview maps as html or png files or both. In theory, it should also work for any and all other htmlwidgets but has not been tested extensively for other htmlwidgets.

In case you want to save larger maps mapshot is likely to fail. You can try setting selfcontained = FALSE to avoid errors and create a valid local html file.

See Also

webshot, saveWidget.


## Not run: 
  m = mapview(breweries)

  ## create standalone .html
  mapshot(m, url = paste0(getwd(), "/map.html"))

  ## create standalone .png; temporary .html is removed automatically unless
  ## 'remove_url = FALSE' is specified
  mapshot(m, file = paste0(getwd(), "/map.png"))
  mapshot(m, file = paste0(getwd(), "/map.png"),
          remove_controls = c("homeButton", "layersControl"))

  ## create .html and .png
  mapshot(m, url = paste0(getwd(), "/map.html"),
          file = paste0(getwd(), "/map.png"))

## End(Not run)

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