Man pages for marginaleffects
Predictions, Comparisons, Slopes, Marginal Means, and Hypothesis Tests

comparisonsComparisons Between Predictions Made With Different Regressor...
complete_levelsCreate a data.frame with all factor or character levels
datagridData grids
deltamethod'deltamethod()' is an alias to 'hypotheses()'
expect_marginal_means'tinytest' helper
expect_margins'tinytest' helper
expect_predictions'tinytest' helper
expect_slopes'tinytest' helper
get_averagesAverage Estimates (aka "Margins")
get_coefGet a named vector of coefficients from a model object...
get_group_namesGet levels of the outcome variable in grouped or multivariate...
get_predictGet predicted values from a model object (internal function)
get_varcov_argsTake a 'summary()' style 'vcov' argument and convert it to...
get_vcovGet a named variance-covariance matrix from a model object...
hypotheses(Non-)Linear Tests for Null Hypotheses, Equivalence, Non...
inferences(EXPERIMENTAL) Bootstrap and Simulation-Based Inference
marginaleffects'marginaleffects()' is an alias to 'slopes()'
marginalmeans'marginal_means()' is an alias to 'marginal_means()'
marginal_meansMarginal Means
meffects'meffects()' is an alias to 'slopes()'
plot_cap'plot_predictions()' is an alias to 'plot_predictions()'
plot_cco'plot_comparisons()' is an alias to 'plot_comparisons()'
plot_cme'plot_slopes()' is an alias to 'plot_slopes()'
plot_comparisonsPlot Conditional or Marginal Comparisons
plot_predictionsPlot Conditional or Marginal Predictions
plot_slopesPlot Conditional or Marginal Slopes
posteriordraws'posteriordraws()' is an alias to 'posterior_draws()'
posterior_drawsExtract Posterior Draws or Bootstrap Resamples from...
print.marginaleffectsPrint 'marginaleffects' objects
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
sanitize_model_specificMethod to raise model-specific warnings and errors
set_coefInternal function to set coefficients
slopesSlopes (aka Partial derivatives, Marginal Effects, or Trends)
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