Man pages for matchMulti
Optimal Multilevel Matching using a Network Algorithm

aggExtract School-Level Covariates
assembleMatchCollect Matched Samples
balanceMultiPerforms balance checking after multilevel matching.
balanceTableCreate Balance Table
buildCaliperConstruct propensity score caliper
catholic_schools1980 and 1982 High School and Beyond Data
ci_funcOutcome analysis.
describe_data_countsPrint out summary of student and school counts
handleNAHandle Missing Values
is.binaryCheck if a variable is binary
match2distanceCompute School Distance from a Student Match
matchMultiA function that performs multilevel matching.
matchMultioutcomePerforms an outcome analysis after multilevel matching.
matchMulti-packagematchMulti Package
matchMultiResultmatchMultiResult object for results of power calculations
matchMultisensRosenbaum Bounds after Multilevel Matching
matchSchoolsMatch Schools on Student-based Distance
matchStudentsCompute Student Matches for all Pairs of Schools
minischoolMini-data set for illustration
pairmatchelasticOptimal Subset Matching without Balance Constraints
pe_funcOutcome analysis.
pval_funcOutcome analysis.
rematchSchoolsRepeat School Match Only
resolve.colsEnsure Dataframes Share Same Set Columns
sdiffBalance Measures
smahalRobust Mahalanobis Distance
students2schoolsAggregate Student Data into School Data
tally_schoolsTally schools and students in a given dataset
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