catholic_schools: 1980 and 1982 High School and Beyond Data

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These data are a subset of the data used in Raudenbush and Bryk (1999) for multilevel modeling.




A data.frame with 1595 observations on the following variables.

school: unique school level identifier ses: student level socio-economic status scale ranges from approx. -3.578 to 2.692 mathach: senior year mathematics test score, outcome measure female: student level indicator for sex minority: student level indicator for minority minority_mean: school level measure of percentage of student body that is minority female_mean: school level measure of percentage of student body that is female ses_mean: school level measure of average level of student socio-economic status sector: treatment indicator 1 if catholic 0 if public size: school level measure of total number of enrolled students acad: school level measure of the percentage of students on the academic track discrm: school level measure of disciplinary climate ranges from approx. -2.4 to 2.7 size_large: school level indicator for schools with more than 1000 students minority_mean_large: school level indicator for schools with more than ten percent minority


Raudenbush, S. W. and Bryk, A. (2002). Hierarchical Linear Models: Applications and Data Analysis Methods. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.


United States Department of Education. National Center for Education Statistics. High School and Beyond, 1980: Sophomore and Senior Cohort First Follow-Up (1982).

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