Man pages for mda
Mixture and Flexible Discriminant Analysis

brutoFit an Additive Spline Model by Adaptive Backfitting
coef.fdaProduce coefficients for an fda or mda object
confusionConfusion Matrices
ESL.mixtureMixture example from "Elements of Statistical Learning"
fdaFlexible Discriminant Analysis
gen.ridgePenalized Regression
glassGlass Identification Database
laplaciancreate penalty object for two-dimensional smoothing.
marsMultivariate Adaptive Regression Splines
mdaMixture Discriminant Analysis
mda.startInitialization for Mixture Discriminant Analysis
model.matrix.marsProduce a Design Matrix from a 'mars' Object
msplineVector Smoothing Spline
plot.fdaPlot for Flexible Discriminant Analysis
polyregPolynomial Regression
predict.brutoPredict method for BRUTO Objects
predict.fdaClassify by Flexible Discriminant Analysis
predict.marsPredict method for MARS Objects
predict.mdaClassify by Mixture Discriminant Analysis
softmaxFind the Maximum in Each Row of a Matrix
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