mdatools: Multivariate Data Analysis for Chemometrics

Package implements projection based methods for preprocessing, exploring and analysis of multivariate data used in chemometrics.

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AuthorSergey Kucheryavskiy
Date of publication2017-01-30 12:36:42
MaintainerSergey Kucheryavskiy <>
LicenseMIT + file LICENSE

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Man pages

as.matrix.classres: as.matrix method for classification results

as.matrix.ldecomp: as.matrix method for ldecomp object

as.matrix.plsdares: as.matrix method for PLS-DA results

as.matrix.plsres: as.matrix method for PLS results

as.matrix.regcoeffs: as.matrix method for regression coefficients class

as.matrix.regres: as.matrix method for regression results

bars: Show bars on axes

classify.plsda: PLS-DA classification

classres: Results of classification

crossval: Generate sequence of indices for cross-validation

crossval.str: String with description of cross-validation method

erfinv: Inverse error function

errorbars: Show error bars on a plot

getCalibrationData: Calibration data

getCalibrationData.pca: Get calibration data

getCalibrationData.simcam: Get calibration data

getClassificationPerformance: Calculation of classification performance parameters

getMainTitle: Get main title

getRegcoeffs: Get regression coefficients

getRegcoeffs.pls: Regression coefficients for PLS model'

getSelectedComponents: Get selected components

getSelectedComponents.classres: Get selected components

getSelectivityRatio: Selectivity ratio

getSelectivityRatio.pls: Selectivity ratio for PLS model

getVIPScores: VIP scores

getVIPScores.pls: VIP scores for PLS model

imshow: show image data as an image

ipls: Variable selection with interval PLS

ipls.backward: Runs the backward iPLS algorithm

ipls.forward: Runs the forward iPLS algorithm

ldecomp: Linear decomposition of data

ldecomp.getDistances: Residuals distances for linear decomposition

ldecomp.getResLimits: Statistical limits for Q and T2 residuals

ldecomp.getVariances: Explained variance for linear decomposition

mda.cbind: A wrapper for cbind() method with proper set of attributes

mda.data2im: Convert data matrix to an image

mda.df2mat: Convert data frame to a matrix

mda.exclcols: Exclude/hide columns in a dataset

mda.exclrows: Exclude/hide rows in a dataset

mda.getattr: Get data attributes

mda.getexclind: Get indices of excluded rows or columns

mda.im2data: Convert image to data matrix

mda.inclcols: Include/unhide the excluded columns

mda.inclrows: include/unhide the excluded rows

mdaplot: Plotting function for a single set of objects

mdaplot.areColors: Check color values

mdaplot.formatValues: Format vector with numeric values

mdaplotg: Plotting function for several sets of objects

mdaplot.getAxesLim: Calculate axes limits

mdaplot.getColors: Color values for plot elements

mdaplot.plotAxes: Create axes plane

mdaplot.showColorbar: Plot colorbar

mdaplot.showGrid: Plot grid

mdaplot.showLabels: Plot labels Shows labels for data elements (points, bars) on...

mdaplot.showLegend: Plot legend

mdaplot.showLines: Plot lines

mdaplot.showRegressionLine: Regression line for data points

mda.rbind: A wrapper for rbind() method with proper set of attributes

mda.setattr: Set data attributes

mda.setimbg: Remove background pixels from image data Wrapper for show() method

mda.subset: A wrapper for subset() method with proper set of attributed

mda.t: A wrapper for t() method with proper set of attributes

mdatools: Package for Multivariate Data Analysis (Chemometrics)

pca: Principal Component Analysis PCA model calibration

pca.crossval: Cross-validation of a PCA model

pca.mvreplace: Replace missing values in data

pca.nipals: NIPALS based PCA algorithm

pcares: Results of PCA decomposition Runs one of the selected PCA methods

pca.svd: Singular Values Decomposition based PCA algorithm

pellets: Image data

people: People data

pinv: Pseudo-inverse matrix

plotBiplot: Biplot

plotBiplot.pca: PCA biplot

plot.classres: Plot function for classification results

plotCooman: Cooman's plot

plotCooman.simcam: Cooman's plot for SIMCAM model

plotCooman.simcamres: Cooman's plot for SIMCAM results

plotCorr: Correlation plot

plotCorr.randtest: Correlation plot for randomization test results

plotCumVariance: Variance plot

plotCumVariance.ldecomp: Cumulative explained variance plot for linear decomposition

plotCumVariance.pca: Cumulative explained variance plot for PCA

plotDiscriminationPower: Discrimination power plot

plotDiscriminationPower.simcam: Discrimination power plot for SIMCAM model

plotHist: Statistic histogram

plotHist.randtest: Histogram plot for randomization test results

plot.ipls: Overview plot for iPLS results

plotLoadings: Loadings plot

plotLoadings.pca: Loadings plot for PCA

plotMisclassified: Misclassification ratio plot

plotMisclassified.classmodel: Misclassified ratio plot for classification model

plotMisclassified.classres: Misclassified ratio plot for classification results

plotModelDistance: Model distance plot

plotModelDistance.simcam: Modelling distance plot for SIMCAM model

plotModellingPower: Modelling power plot

plotModellingPower.simca: Modelling power plot for SIMCA model

plotModellingPower.simcam: Modelling power plot for SIMCAM model

plot.pca: Model overview plot for PCA

plot.pcares: Plot method for PCA results object

plotPerformance: Classification performance plot

plotPerformance.classmodel: Performance plot for classification model

plotPerformance.classres: Performance plot for classification results

plot.pls: Model overview plot for PLS

plot.plsda: Model overview plot for PLS-DA

plot.plsdares: Overview plot for PLS-DA results

plot.plsres: Overview plot for PLS results

plotPredictions: Predictions plot

plotPredictions.classmodel: Predictions plot for classification model

plotPredictions.classres: Prediction plot for classification results

plotPredictions.pls: Predictions plot for PLS

plotPredictions.plsres: Predictions plot for PLS results

plotPredictions.regres: Predictions plot for regression results

plot.randtest: Plot for randomization test results

plot.regcoeffs: Regression coefficients plot

plotRegcoeffs: Regression coefficients plot

plotRegcoeffs.pls: Regression coefficient plot for PLS

plot.regres: plot method for regression results

plotResiduals: Residuals plot

plotResiduals.ldecomp: Residuals plot for linear decomposition

plotResiduals.pca: Residuals plot for PCA

plotResiduals.simcam: Residuals plot for SIMCAM model

plotResiduals.simcamres: Residuals plot for SIMCAM results

plotResiduals.simcares: Residuals plot for SIMCA results

plotRMSE: RMSE plot

plotRMSE.ipls: RMSE development plot

plotRMSE.pls: RMSE plot for PLS

plotRMSE.regres: RMSE plot for regression results

plotScores: Scores plot

plotScores.ldecomp: Scores plot for linear decomposition

plotScores.pca: Scores plot for PCA

plotSelection: Selected intervals plot

plotSelection.ipls: iPLS performance plot

plotSelectivityRatio: Selectivity ratio plot

plotSelectivityRatio.pls: Selectivity ratio plot for PLS model

plotSensitivity: Sensitivity plot

plotSensitivity.classmodel: Sensitivity plot for classification model

plotSensitivity.classres: Sensitivity plot for classification results

plot.simca: Model overview plot for SIMCA

plot.simcam: Model overview plot for SIMCAM

plot.simcamres: Model overview plot for SIMCAM results

plotSpecificity: Specificity plot

plotSpecificity.classmodel: Specificity plot for classification model

plotSpecificity.classres: Specificity plot for classification results

plotVariance: Variance plot

plotVariance.ldecomp: Explained variance plot for linear decomposition

plotVariance.pca: Explained variance plot for PCA

plotVariance.pls: Variance plot for PLS

plotVIPScores: VIP scores plot

plotVIPScores.pls: VIP scores plot for PLS model

plotXCumVariance: X cumulative variance plot

plotXCumVariance.pls: Cumulative explained X variance plot for PLS

plotXCumVariance.plsres: Explained cumulative X variance plot for PLS results

plotXLoadings: X loadings plot

plotXLoadings.pls: X loadings plot for PLS

plotXResiduals: X residuals plot

plotXResiduals.pls: X residuals plot for PLS

plotXResiduals.plsres: X residuals plot for PLS results

plotXScores: X scores plot

plotXScores.pls: X scores plot for PLS

plotXScores.plsres: X scores plot for PLS results

plotXVariance: X variance plot

plotXVariance.pls: Explained X variance plot for PLS

plotXVariance.plsres: Explained X variance plot for PLS results

plotXYLoadings: X loadings plot

plotXYLoadings.pls: XY loadings plot for PLS

plotXYScores: XY scores plot

plotXYScores.pls: XY scores plot for PLS

plotXYScores.plsres: XY scores plot for PLS results

plotYCumVariance: Y cumulative variance plot

plotYCumVariance.pls: Cumulative explained Y variance plot for PLS

plotYCumVariance.plsres: Explained cumulative Y variance plot for PLS results

plotYResiduals: Y residuals plot

plotYResiduals.pls: Y residuals plot for PLS

plotYResiduals.regres: Residuals plot for regression results

plotYVariance: Y variance plot

plotYVariance.pls: Explained Y variance plot for PLS

plotYVariance.plsres: Explained Y variance plot for PLS results

pls: Partial Least Squares regression PLS model calibration

pls.calculateSelectivityRatio: Selectivity ratio calculation

pls.calculateVIPScores: VIP scores calculation for PLS model

pls.crossval: Cross-validation of a PLS model

plsda: Partial Least Squares Discriminant Analysis Calibrate PLS-DA model

plsda.crossval: Cross-validation of a PLS-DA model

plsdares: PLS-DA results

plsres: PLS results Runs selected PLS algorithm

pls.simpls: SIMPLS algorithm

predict.pca: PCA predictions

predict.pls: PLS predictions

predict.plsda: PLS-DA predictions

predict.simca: SIMCA predictions

predict.simcam: SIMCA multiple classes predictions

prep.autoscale: Autoscale values

prep.msc: Multiplicative Scatter Correction transformation

prep.norm: Normalization

prep.savgol: Savytzky-Golay filter

prep.snv: Standard Normal Variate transformation

print.classres: Print information about classification result object

print.ipls: Print method for iPLS

print.ldecomp: Print method for linear decomposition

print.pca: Print method for PCA model object

print.pcares: Print method for PCA results object

print.pls: Print method for PLS model object

print.plsda: Print method for PLS-DA model object

print.plsdares: Print method for PLS-DA results object

print.plsres: print method for PLS results object

print.randtest: Print method for randtest object

print.regcoeffs: print method for regression coefficients class

print.regres: print method for regression results object

print.simca: Print method for SIMCA model object

print.simcam: Print method for SIMCAM model object

print.simcamres: Print method for SIMCAM results object

print.simcares: Print method for SIMCA results object

randtest: Randomization test for PLS regression

regcoeffs: Regression coefficients

regcoeffs.getStat: Confidence intervals and p-values for regression...

regres: Regression results

regres.bias: Prediction bias

regres.r2: Determination coefficient

regres.rmse: RMSE

regres.slope: Slope

selectCompNum: Select optimal number of components for a model

selectCompNum.pca: Select optimal number of components for PCA model

selectCompNum.pls: Select optimal number of components for PLS model

showPredictions: Predictions

showPredictions.classres: Show predicted class values

simca: SIMCA one-class classification

simca.classify: SIMCA classification

simca.crossval: Cross-validation of a SIMCA model

simcam: SIMCA multiclass classification

simcam.getPerformanceStatistics: Performance statistics for SIMCAM model

simcamres: Results of SIMCA multiclass classification

simcares: Results of SIMCA one-class classification @description...

simdata: Spectral data of polyaromatic hydrocarbons mixing

summary.classres: Summary statistics about classification result object

summary.ipls: Summary for iPLS results

summary.ldecomp: Summary statistics for linear decomposition

summary.pca: Summary method for PCA model object

summary.pcares: Summary method for PCA results object

summary.pls: Summary method for PLS model object

summary.plsda: Summary method for PLS-DA model object

summary.plsdares: Summary method for PLS-DA results object

summary.plsres: summary method for PLS results object

summary.randtest: Summary method for randtest object

summary.regres: summary method for regression results object

summary.simca: Summary method for SIMCA model object

summary.simcam: Summary method for SIMCAM model object

summary.simcamres: Summary method for SIMCAM results object

summary.simcares: Summary method for SIMCA results object


as.matrix.classres Man page
as.matrix.ldecomp Man page
as.matrix.plsdares Man page
as.matrix.plsres Man page
as.matrix.regcoeffs Man page
as.matrix.regres Man page
bars Man page
classify.plsda Man page
classres Man page
crossval Man page
crossval.str Man page
erfinv Man page
errorbars Man page
getCalibrationData Man page
getCalibrationData.pca Man page
getCalibrationData.simcam Man page
getClassificationPerformance Man page
getMainTitle Man page
getRegcoeffs Man page
getRegcoeffs.pls Man page
getSelectedComponents Man page
getSelectedComponents.classres Man page
getSelectivityRatio Man page
getSelectivityRatio.pls Man page
getVIPScores Man page
getVIPScores.pls Man page
imshow Man page
ipls Man page
ipls.backward Man page
ipls.forward Man page
ldecomp Man page
ldecomp.getDistances Man page
ldecomp.getResLimits Man page
ldecomp.getVariances Man page
mda.cbind Man page
mda.data2im Man page
mda.df2mat Man page
mda.exclcols Man page
mda.exclrows Man page
mda.getattr Man page
mda.getexclind Man page
mda.im2data Man page
mda.inclcols Man page
mda.inclrows Man page
mdaplot Man page
mdaplot.areColors Man page
mdaplot.formatValues Man page
mdaplotg Man page
mdaplot.getAxesLim Man page
mdaplot.getColors Man page
mdaplot.plotAxes Man page
mdaplot.showColorbar Man page
mdaplot.showGrid Man page
mdaplot.showLabels Man page
mdaplot.showLegend Man page
mdaplot.showLines Man page
mdaplot.showRegressionLine Man page
mda.rbind Man page
mda.setattr Man page
mda.setimbg Man page Man page
mda.subset Man page
mda.t Man page
mdatools Man page
pca Man page Man page
pca.crossval Man page
pca.mvreplace Man page
pca.nipals Man page
pcares Man page Man page
pca.svd Man page
pellets Man page
people Man page
pinv Man page
plotBiplot Man page
plotBiplot.pca Man page
plot.classres Man page
plotCooman Man page
plotCooman.simcam Man page
plotCooman.simcamres Man page
plotCorr Man page
plotCorr.randtest Man page
plotCumVariance Man page
plotCumVariance.ldecomp Man page
plotCumVariance.pca Man page
plotDiscriminationPower Man page
plotDiscriminationPower.simcam Man page
plotHist Man page
plotHist.randtest Man page
plot.ipls Man page
plotLoadings Man page
plotLoadings.pca Man page
plotMisclassified Man page
plotMisclassified.classmodel Man page
plotMisclassified.classres Man page
plotModelDistance Man page
plotModelDistance.simcam Man page
plotModellingPower Man page
plotModellingPower.simca Man page
plotModellingPower.simcam Man page
plot.pca Man page
plot.pcares Man page
plotPerformance Man page
plotPerformance.classmodel Man page
plotPerformance.classres Man page
plot.pls Man page
plot.plsda Man page
plot.plsdares Man page
plot.plsres Man page
plotPredictions Man page
plotPredictions.classmodel Man page
plotPredictions.classres Man page
plotPredictions.pls Man page
plotPredictions.plsres Man page
plotPredictions.regres Man page
plot.randtest Man page
plot.regcoeffs Man page
plotRegcoeffs Man page
plotRegcoeffs.pls Man page
plot.regres Man page
plotResiduals Man page
plotResiduals.ldecomp Man page
plotResiduals.pca Man page
plotResiduals.simcam Man page
plotResiduals.simcamres Man page
plotResiduals.simcares Man page
plotRMSE Man page
plotRMSE.ipls Man page
plotRMSE.pls Man page
plotRMSE.regres Man page
plotScores Man page
plotScores.ldecomp Man page
plotScores.pca Man page
plotSelection Man page
plotSelection.ipls Man page
plotSelectivityRatio Man page
plotSelectivityRatio.pls Man page
plotSensitivity Man page
plotSensitivity.classmodel Man page
plotSensitivity.classres Man page
plot.simca Man page
plot.simcam Man page
plot.simcamres Man page
plotSpecificity Man page
plotSpecificity.classmodel Man page
plotSpecificity.classres Man page
plotVariance Man page
plotVariance.ldecomp Man page
plotVariance.pca Man page
plotVariance.pls Man page
plotVIPScores Man page
plotVIPScores.pls Man page
plotXCumVariance Man page
plotXCumVariance.pls Man page
plotXCumVariance.plsres Man page
plotXLoadings Man page
plotXLoadings.pls Man page
plotXResiduals Man page
plotXResiduals.pls Man page
plotXResiduals.plsres Man page
plotXScores Man page
plotXScores.pls Man page
plotXScores.plsres Man page
plotXVariance Man page
plotXVariance.pls Man page
plotXVariance.plsres Man page
plotXYLoadings Man page
plotXYLoadings.pls Man page
plotXYScores Man page
plotXYScores.pls Man page
plotXYScores.plsres Man page
plotYCumVariance Man page
plotYCumVariance.pls Man page
plotYCumVariance.plsres Man page
plotYResiduals Man page
plotYResiduals.pls Man page
plotYResiduals.regres Man page
plotYVariance Man page
plotYVariance.pls Man page
plotYVariance.plsres Man page
pls Man page Man page
pls.calculateSelectivityRatio Man page
pls.calculateVIPScores Man page
pls.crossval Man page
plsda Man page Man page
plsda.crossval Man page
plsdares Man page
plsres Man page Man page
pls.simpls Man page
predict.pca Man page
predict.pls Man page
predict.plsda Man page
predict.simca Man page
predict.simcam Man page
prep.autoscale Man page
prep.msc Man page
prep.norm Man page
prep.savgol Man page
prep.snv Man page
print.classres Man page
print.ipls Man page
print.ldecomp Man page
print.pca Man page
print.pcares Man page
print.pls Man page
print.plsda Man page
print.plsdares Man page
print.plsres Man page
print.randtest Man page
print.regcoeffs Man page
print.regres Man page
print.simca Man page
print.simcam Man page
print.simcamres Man page
print.simcares Man page
randtest Man page
regcoeffs Man page
regcoeffs.getStat Man page
regres Man page
regres.bias Man page
regres.r2 Man page
regres.rmse Man page
regres.slope Man page
selectCompNum Man page
selectCompNum.pca Man page
selectCompNum.pls Man page
showPredictions Man page
showPredictions.classres Man page
simca Man page
simca.classify Man page
simca.crossval Man page
simcam Man page
simcam.getPerformanceStatistics Man page
simcamres Man page
simcares Man page
simdata Man page
summary.classres Man page
summary.ipls Man page
summary.ldecomp Man page
summary.pca Man page
summary.pcares Man page
summary.pls Man page
summary.plsda Man page
summary.plsdares Man page
summary.plsres Man page
summary.randtest Man page
summary.regres Man page
summary.simca Man page
summary.simcam Man page
summary.simcamres Man page
summary.simcares Man page


R/crossval.R R/defaults.R R/pcares.R R/pca.R R/pls.R R/simcares.R R/simcamres.R R/prep.R R/classres.R R/ldecomp.R R/simcam.R R/plsda.R R/ipls.R R/simca.R R/regcoeffs.R R/plsres.R R/regres.R R/mdaplots.R R/randtest.R R/plsdares.R R/misc.R R/classmodel.R
man/mdaplot.showRegressionLine.Rd man/regcoeffs.getStat.Rd man/mda.inclrows.Rd man/plotSensitivity.Rd man/plotXResiduals.plsres.Rd man/getCalibrationData.pca.Rd man/plotVariance.ldecomp.Rd man/summary.simcam.Rd man/as.matrix.plsdares.Rd man/as.matrix.regcoeffs.Rd man/predict.pca.Rd man/plotSelectivityRatio.Rd man/plotYCumVariance.Rd man/plotResiduals.simcamres.Rd man/print.randtest.Rd man/plotCumVariance.Rd man/print.pls.Rd man/plotResiduals.Rd man/plotYResiduals.pls.Rd man/mdaplot.plotAxes.Rd man/simca.Rd man/summary.plsres.Rd man/plotBiplot.pca.Rd man/summary.simcamres.Rd man/prep.autoscale.Rd man/mdaplot.showLabels.Rd man/plotModelDistance.Rd man/pls.calculateSelectivityRatio.Rd man/plotDiscriminationPower.Rd man/print.ipls.Rd man/plsda.Rd man/plotXYScores.pls.Rd man/plotLoadings.Rd man/mda.exclrows.Rd man/getSelectivityRatio.Rd man/plotCorr.Rd man/getRegcoeffs.pls.Rd man/plotScores.ldecomp.Rd man/regres.r2.Rd man/ipls.backward.Rd man/mda.im2data.Rd man/simcam.Rd man/mdaplot.showColorbar.Rd man/ipls.Rd man/plotSensitivity.classres.Rd man/mdaplot.areColors.Rd man/predict.pls.Rd man/plotModellingPower.simca.Rd man/ldecomp.Rd man/plsdares.Rd man/plotScores.pca.Rd man/ man/plot.pcares.Rd man/plot.plsdares.Rd man/mdaplot.getAxesLim.Rd man/summary.plsda.Rd man/plotPredictions.classmodel.Rd man/pls.Rd man/plotModellingPower.Rd man/plotSpecificity.classmodel.Rd man/plotXYScores.Rd man/summary.classres.Rd man/plotYVariance.plsres.Rd man/mda.subset.Rd man/simcamres.Rd man/ldecomp.getVariances.Rd man/mda.rbind.Rd man/plot.regres.Rd man/mdaplot.showGrid.Rd man/mdaplot.showLegend.Rd man/ man/getCalibrationData.Rd man/regcoeffs.Rd man/plotSelectivityRatio.pls.Rd man/plotYVariance.Rd man/plotLoadings.pca.Rd man/regres.bias.Rd man/plotRMSE.regres.Rd man/showPredictions.Rd man/plotMisclassified.classmodel.Rd man/showPredictions.classres.Rd man/ipls.forward.Rd man/mda.setimbg.Rd man/print.simcam.Rd man/predict.simca.Rd man/mdaplot.Rd man/print.ldecomp.Rd man/pcares.Rd man/plotXVariance.pls.Rd man/plot.simcamres.Rd man/mda.setattr.Rd man/plot.simca.Rd man/plsres.Rd man/plotXLoadings.Rd man/plotXScores.pls.Rd man/plot.randtest.Rd man/plotPredictions.plsres.Rd man/print.regres.Rd man/mdaplot.showLines.Rd man/plotRMSE.ipls.Rd man/pls.crossval.Rd man/errorbars.Rd man/plot.ipls.Rd man/pinv.Rd man/plotXVariance.Rd man/plotMisclassified.classres.Rd man/plotXCumVariance.plsres.Rd man/plotXResiduals.pls.Rd man/plotYVariance.pls.Rd man/plotResiduals.simcares.Rd man/people.Rd man/crossval.str.Rd man/plotBiplot.Rd man/prep.savgol.Rd man/plotXScores.Rd man/plotModelDistance.simcam.Rd man/simca.classify.Rd man/plotYResiduals.Rd man/plotDiscriminationPower.simcam.Rd man/print.regcoeffs.Rd man/plotYCumVariance.plsres.Rd man/plotSensitivity.classmodel.Rd man/plotCooman.simcamres.Rd man/pellets.Rd man/pca.svd.Rd man/pca.crossval.Rd man/getSelectedComponents.classres.Rd man/print.simcamres.Rd man/plotPredictions.Rd man/plot.plsda.Rd man/pls.calculateVIPScores.Rd man/mdaplot.getColors.Rd man/regres.slope.Rd man/plotXResiduals.Rd man/pls.simpls.Rd man/summary.pls.Rd man/print.pcares.Rd man/simcares.Rd man/classres.Rd man/mda.getattr.Rd man/selectCompNum.pls.Rd man/randtest.Rd man/summary.simcares.Rd man/simdata.Rd man/plotYResiduals.regres.Rd man/plotSelection.Rd man/plotSpecificity.Rd man/plotResiduals.ldecomp.Rd man/plotYCumVariance.pls.Rd man/plotXLoadings.pls.Rd man/regres.rmse.Rd man/as.matrix.ldecomp.Rd man/simcam.getPerformanceStatistics.Rd man/getSelectivityRatio.pls.Rd man/mda.data2im.Rd man/mdaplot.formatValues.Rd man/plotVariance.pca.Rd man/summary.simca.Rd man/getMainTitle.Rd man/predict.simcam.Rd man/plotPerformance.Rd man/plotXVariance.plsres.Rd man/bars.Rd man/plotVIPScores.pls.Rd man/plotPerformance.classres.Rd man/summary.ipls.Rd man/mda.exclcols.Rd man/plot.regcoeffs.Rd man/as.matrix.classres.Rd man/plot.plsres.Rd man/plotCorr.randtest.Rd man/plotHist.randtest.Rd man/plotMisclassified.Rd 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