charlson_weights_orig: Map of Charlson comorbidity categories to weights

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List that links the Charlson comorbidity categories to the original weights (specified in the original Charlson paper, Table 3)




A list, with Charlson comorbidities as names and weight as value


Original Weights:

1 = MI, CHF, PVD, CVD, Dementia, Chronic pulm dz, Connective tissue dz, Ulcer, Mild liver dz, Diabetes

2 = Hemiplegia, Mod or severe renal dz, Diabetes with end organ damage, Any tumor, Leukemia, Lymphoma

3 = Moderate or severe liver dz

6 = Metastatic solid tumor, AIDS


1. Charlson ME, Pompei P, Ales KL, MacKenzie CR: A new method of classifying prognostic comorbidity in longitudinal studies: development and validation. Journal of chronic diseases 1987; 40:373-83

See Also

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