Man pages for mefa
Multivariate Data Handling in Ecology and Biogeography

aggregate.mefaExtract and Aggregate Objects of Class 'mefa'
aoplotAbundance-Occupancy Plot
as.mefaConversion Among Various Object Classes
dolinaThe Dolina Dataset
fill.naReplace <NA> Values with Nearest Above Values
image.distImage Plot of a 'dist' Object
labelAssign Label to an Object and Return It
mat2listMatrix Manipulation Tools
mefaCreate an Object of Class 'mefa'
mefaCheckCheck and Compare Object(s) of Class 'mefa'
mefaCrosstabCross Tabulate an Object of Class 'stcs'
mefadocsDisplay Package Documentation
mefalogoSchematic Plot of an Object of Class 'mefa'
mefaNestedlessMake Non-Nested 'mefa' Object
mefaTablesSubsetting and Ordering of Related Data Tables
mefawebOpen 'mefa' Website
melt.mefaMelt (Convert) an Object of Class 'mefa' Into 'stcs'
plot.mefaPlotting Methods for Object of Class 'mefa' and 'stcs'
qvectorOrdinal Transformation of a Vector (repeat) a Data Frame
report.mefaWrite Report of an Object of Class 'mefa' into File
stack.distManipulation Tools for Class 'dist'
stcsCreate an Object of Class 'stcs'
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