Man pages for memnet
Network Tools for Memory Research

alcAverage local clustering (alc) coefficient
animal_fluencyAnimal fluency data.
asplAverage shortest path length (aspl)
cmixFast general purpose color mixer
common_subgraphsGet common subgraph
common_subgraph_statsCommon subgraph statistics
community_graphCreate community graph
edg_to_adjEdge list to adjacency matrix
edg_to_adjlistEdge list to adjlist
ffluencyFast verbal fluency generator
fluencyRepeated verbal fluency generator.
fluency_stepsVerbal fluency step counter
get_adjlistGet adjacency list
get_kneighborsGet vector of neighbors exactly k steps away
get_namesGet node names of memnet objects
get_neighborhoodGet neighbors 'k' or fewer steps away
grow_baBarabási & Albert (2002) network growth model
grow_hkHolme and Kim (2002) network growth model
grow_latticeRegular lattice network model
grow_stSteyvers and Tenenbaum (2004) network growth model
grow_wsWatts & Strogatz (2002) network growth model
k_distMaximum difference between cumulative degree distribution
l_compRetrieve largest component
neighborhood_plotNeighborhood plot
network_plotPlot graph
network_statsNetwork statistics
one_ffluencyFast verbal fluency generator
one_fluencyVerbal fluency generator
one_fluency_stepsVerbal fluency step counter
one_searchSearch network using switcher-random walk process
restore_namesRestore names of memnet objects
rw_graphCreate random walk graph
search_rwSearch network using switcher-random walk process
search_rw_meanSearch network repeatedly using switcher-random walk process
threshold_graphCreate threshold graph
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