metScanR_DB: Worldwide, Environmental Monitoring Station metadata

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Metadata from ~107,000 environmental monitoring stations among 219 countries/territories and 18 environmental networks. Metadata are gathered from a growing number of sources and the database is continually updated to reflect the increase of information.




(list) Metadata from ~107,000 environmental monitoring stations, worldwide. The metadata for each site include:

namez (character) Name of environmental monitoring site as defined by governing network

identifiers (data.frame) Station identifers of environmental monitoring site as defined by associated networks

platform (character) Station platform (type). A single station may be a specific platform but it might be associated with many networks / identifers.

elements (data.frame) Elements (environmental phenomena) measured, along with associated start and end dates

location (data.frame) Spatial location information (latitude, longitude, country, elevation) of environmental monitoring site

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