Man pages for meta4diag
Meta-Analysis for Diagnostic Test Studies

AUCA function that calculate the area under summary receiver...
CatheterThe Catheter Segment Culture data.
crosshairCrosshair Plot.
fittedGet the estimated values of accuracies for each study.
forestForest plot.
funnelFunnel plot.
makeDataMake internally used data structure.
makeObjectA function used to make a 'meta4diag' object.
makePriorsPriors for internal use.
meta4diagFunction to analyse diagnostic meta-analysis with Bayesian...
meta4diagGUIA graphic user interface for meta4diag.
meta4diag-packageMeta-Analysis for Diagnostic Test Studies
plotDefault meta4diag plotting.
printprint meta4diag object.
runModelRun the bivariate model.
ScheidlerScheidler dataset.
SROCA standard summary receiver operating chracteristic plot.
summaryProvide summary information.
table_corThe example table prior for correlation.
table_varThe example table prior for variance.
TelomeraseTelomerase dataset.
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