Man pages for metaSDTreg
Regression Models for Meta Signal Detection Theory

coef.metaSDTregCoefficients method for metaSDTreg
lines.predict_rocLines of predicted ROC curve
logLik.metaSDTregLog-likelihood of metaSDTreg
metaSDTcontrolControl for metaSDTreg
metaSDTdataConstruct metaSDTdata
metaSDT.loglikMeta-SDT log-likelihood
metaSDTregMeta-SDT regression
plot.predict_rocPlot predicted ROC curve
points.predict_rocPoints from predicted ROC curve
predict_rocGeneric predict_roc method
predict_roc.metaSDTdataObserved ROC points
predict_roc.metaSDTregPredicted ROC curve
print.metaSDTdataPrint method for metaSDT data
print.metaSDTregPrint method for metaSDTreg
print.summary.metaSDTdataPrint method for a summary.metaSDTdata object
print.summary.metaSDTregPrint summary method for metaSDTreg
ROCcoordsExtract coordinates for predicted ROC curve
simMetaDataSimulated metacognition experiment
starting.vals.PPOStarting values from PPO
summary.metaSDTdataSummarise a metaSDTdata object as a cognitive experiment.
summary.metaSDTregSummary method for metaSDTreg
vcov.metaSDTregVariance-covariance method for metaSDTreg
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