metafor: Meta-Analysis Package for R

A comprehensive collection of functions for conducting meta-analyses in R. The package includes functions to calculate various effect sizes or outcome measures, fit fixed-, random-, and mixed-effects models to such data, carry out moderator and meta-regression analyses, and create various types of meta-analytical plots (e.g., forest, funnel, radial, L'Abbe, Baujat, GOSH plots). For meta-analyses of binomial and person-time data, the package also provides functions that implement specialized methods, including the Mantel-Haenszel method, Peto's method, and a variety of suitable generalized linear (mixed-effects) models (i.e., mixed-effects logistic and Poisson regression models). Finally, the package provides functionality for fitting meta-analytic multivariate/multilevel models that account for non-independent sampling errors and/or true effects (e.g., due to the inclusion of multiple treatment studies, multiple endpoints, or other forms of clustering). Network meta-analyses and meta-analyses accounting for known correlation structures (e.g., due to phylogenetic relatedness) can also be conducted.

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AuthorWolfgang Viechtbauer [aut, cre]
Date of publication2016-09-25 16:37:23
MaintainerWolfgang Viechtbauer <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

addpoly: Add Polygons to Forest Plots

addpoly.default: Add Polygons to Forest Plots (Default Method)

addpoly.rma: Add Polygons to Forest Plots (Method for 'rma' Objects)

anova.rma: Likelihood Ratio and Wald-Type Tests for 'rma' Objects

baujat: Baujat Plots for 'rma' Objects

bldiag: Construct Block Diagonal Matrix

blup: Best Linear Unbiased Predictions for 'rma.uni' Objects

coef.permutest.rma.uni: Extract the Model Coefficient Table from 'permutest.rma.uni'...

coef.rma: Extract the Model Coefficients and Coefficient Table from...

confint.rma: Confidence Intervals for 'rma' Objects

cumul: Cumulative Meta-Analysis for 'rma' Objects

dat.bangertdrowns2004: Studies on the Effectiveness of Writing-to-Learn...

dat.begg1989: Studies on Bone-Marrow Transplantation versus Chemotherapy...

dat.berkey1998: Studies on Treatments for Periodontal Disease

dat.bonett2010: Studies on the Reliability of the CES-D Scale

dat.bourassa1996: Studies on the Association between Handedness and...

dat.colditz1994: Studies on the Effectiveness of the BCG Vaccine Against...

dat.collins1985a: Studies on the Treatment of Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding...

dat.collins1985b: Studies on the Effects of Diuretics in Pregnancy

dat.curtis1998: Studies on the Effects of Elevated CO2 Levels on Woody Plant...

dat.debruin2009: Studies on Standard Care Quality and HAART-Adherence

dat.egger2001: Studies on the Effectiveness of Intravenous Magnesium in...

dat.fine1993: Studies on Radiation Therapy with or without Adjuvant...

dat.gibson2002: Studies on the Effectiveness of Self-Management Education and...

dat.hackshaw1998: Studies on Lung Cancer Risk from ETS Exposure

dat.hart1999: Studies on the Effectiveness of Warfarin for Preventing...

dat.hasselblad1998: Studies on the Effectiveness of Counseling for Smoking...

dat.hine1989: Studies on Prophylactic Use of Lidocaine After a Heart Attack

dat.ishak2007: Studies on Deep-Brain Stimulation

dat.konstantopoulos2011: Studies on the Effects of Modified School Calendars on...

dat.lee2004: Studies on Acupoint P6 Stimulation for Preventing Nausea

dat.li2007: Studies on the Effectiveness of Intravenous Magnesium in...

dat.linde2005: Studies on the Effectiveness of St. John's Wort for Treating...

dat.mcdaniel1994: Studies on the Validity of Employment Interviews

dat.molloy2014: Studies on the Relationship between Conscientiousness and...

dat.nielweise2007: Studies on Anti-Infective-Treated Central Venous Catheters...

dat.nielweise2008: Studies on Anti-Infective-Treated Central Venous Catheters...

dat.normand1999: Studies on the Length of Hospital Stay of Stroke Patients

dat.pignon2000: Studies on the Effectiveness of Locoregional Treatment plus...

dat.pritz1997: Studies on the Effectiveness of Hyperdynamic Therapy for...

dat.raudenbush1985: Studies on Assessing the Effects of Teacher Expectations on...

dat.riley2003: Studies on MYC-N as a Prognostic Marker for Neuroblastoma

dat.senn2013: Studies on the Effectiveness of Glucose-Lowering Agents

dat.yusuf1985: Studies of Beta Blockers During and After Myocardial...

escalc: Calculate Effect Sizes and Outcome Measures

fitstats: Fit Statistics and Information Criteria for 'rma' Objects

fitted.rma: Fitted Values for 'rma' Objects

forest: Forest Plots

forest.cumul.rma: Forest Plots (Method for 'cumul.rma' Objects)

forest.default: Forest Plots (Default Method)

forest.rma: Forest Plots (Method for 'rma' Objects)

fsn: Fail-Safe N Analysis (File Drawer Analysis)

funnel: Funnel Plots

gosh: GOSH Plots for 'rma' Objects

hc: Meta-Analysis based on the Method by Henmi and Copas (2010) Outlier and Influential Case Diagnostics for '' Objects

influence.rma.uni: Outlier and Influential Case Diagnostics for 'rma.uni'...

labbe: L'Abbe Plots for 'rma' Objects

leave1out: Leave-One-Out Diagnostics for 'rma' Objects

llplot: Log-Likelihood Plot of a Parameter Corresponding to an... Read News File of the Metafor Package

metafor-package: Metafor: A Meta-Analysis Package for R

model.matrix.rma: Model Matrix for 'rma' Objects

permutest: Permutation Tests for 'rma.uni' Objects

plot.cumul.rma: Plot Method for 'cumul.rma' Objects

plot.gosh.rma: Plot Method for 'gosh.rma' Objects

plot.infl.rma.uni: Plot Method for 'infl.rma.uni' Objects

plot.rma: Plot Method for 'rma' Objects

predict.rma: Predicted Values for 'rma' Objects

print.anova.rma: Print Method for 'anova.rma' Objects

print.confint.rma: Print Method for 'confint.rma' Objects

print.escalc: Print and Summary Methods for 'escalc' Objects

print.fsn: Print Method for 'fsn' Objects

print.hc.rma.uni: Print Method for 'hc.rma.uni' Objects

print.list.rma: Print Method for 'list.rma' Objects

print.permutest.rma.uni: Print Method for 'permutest.rma.uni' Objects

print.ranktest.rma: Print Method for 'ranktest.rma' Objects

print.regtest.rma: Print Method for 'regtest.rma' Objects

print.rma.uni: Print and Summary Methods for 'rma' Objects

print.robust.rma: Print Method for 'robust.rma' Objects

profile.rma: Profile Plots for 'rma' Objects

qqnorm.rma: Normal QQ Plots for 'rma' Objects

radial: Radial (Galbraith) Plots for 'rma' Objects

ranef: Best Linear Unbiased Predictions for 'rma.uni' Objects

ranktest: Rank Correlation Test for Funnel Plot Asymmetry for 'rma'...

regtest: Regression Test for Funnel Plot Asymmetry for 'rma' Objects

replmiss: Replace Missing Values in a Vector

residuals.rma: Residual Values based on 'rma' Objects

rma.glmm: Meta-Analysis via Generalized Linear (Mixed-Effects) Models Meta-Analysis via the Mantel-Haenszel Method Meta-Analysis via Multivariate/Multilevel Linear...

rma.peto: Meta-Analysis via Peto's Method

rma.uni: Meta-Analysis via Linear (Mixed-Effects) Models

robust: Compute (Cluster) Robust Tests and Confidence Intervals for...

to.long: Convert Data from Vector to Long Format

to.table: Convert Data from Vector to Table Format

transf: Transformation Function

trimfill: Trim and Fill Analysis for 'rma.uni' Objects

update.rma: Model Updating for 'rma' Objects

vcov.rma: Extract the Variance-Covariance Matrix of the Parameter...

weights.rma: Compute Weights for 'rma' Objects


addpoly Man page
addpoly.default Man page
addpoly.rma Man page
AIC.rma Man page
anova.rma Man page
baujat Man page
baujat.rma Man page
BIC.rma Man page
bldiag Man page
blup Man page
blup.rma.uni Man page
cbind.escalc Man page
cbind.summary.escalc Man page
coef.permutest.rma.uni Man page
coef.rma Man page
coef.summary.rma Man page
confint.rma.glmm Man page Man page Man page
confint.rma.peto Man page
confint.rma.uni Man page Man page
cooks.distance.rma.uni Man page
cumul Man page Man page
cumul.rma.peto Man page
cumul.rma.uni Man page
dat.bangertdrowns2004 Man page Man page
dat.begg1989 Man page
dat.berkey1998 Man page
dat.bonett2010 Man page
dat.bourassa1996 Man page
dat.colditz1994 Man page
dat.collins1985a Man page
dat.collins1985b Man page
dat.curtis1998 Man page
dat.debruin2009 Man page
dat.egger2001 Man page
dat.fine1993 Man page
dat.gibson2002 Man page
dat.hackshaw1998 Man page
dat.hart1999 Man page
dat.hasselblad1998 Man page
dat.hine1989 Man page
dat.ishak2007 Man page
dat.konstantopoulos2011 Man page
dat.lee2004 Man page
dat.li2007 Man page
dat.linde2005 Man page
dat.mcdaniel1994 Man page
dat.molloy2014 Man page
dat.nielweise2007 Man page
dat.nielweise2008 Man page
dat.normand1999 Man page
dat.pignon2000 Man page
dat.pritz1997 Man page
dat.raudenbush1985 Man page
dat.riley2003 Man page
dat.senn2013 Man page
dat.yusuf1985 Man page
deviance.rma Man page
dfbetas.rma.uni Man page
df.residual.rma Man page
escalc Man page
[.escalc Man page
escalc.default Man page
escalc.formula Man page
fitstats Man page
fitstats.rma Man page
fitted.rma Man page
forest Man page
forest.cumul.rma Man page
forest.default Man page
forest.rma Man page
fsn Man page
funnel Man page
funnel.default Man page
funnel.rma Man page
galbraith Man page
gosh Man page
gosh.rma Man page Man page
hatvalues.rma.uni Man page
hc Man page
hc.rma.uni Man page
head.list.rma Man page
influence.rma.uni Man page
labbe Man page
labbe.rma Man page
leave1out Man page Man page
leave1out.rma.peto Man page
leave1out.rma.uni Man page
[.list.rma Man page
llplot Man page
logLik.rma Man page
metafor Man page Man page
metafor-package Man page
model.matrix.rma Man page
nobs.rma Man page
permutest Man page
permutest.rma.uni Man page
plot.cumul.rma Man page
plot.gosh.rma Man page
plot.infl.rma.uni Man page
plot.profile.rma Man page
plot.rma.glmm Man page Man page
plot.rma.peto Man page
plot.rma.uni Man page
predict.rma Man page
print.anova.rma Man page
print.confint.rma Man page
print.escalc Man page
print.fsn Man page
print.hc.rma.uni Man page
print.infl.rma.uni Man page
print.list.rma Man page
print.permutest.rma.uni Man page
print.ranktest.rma Man page
print.regtest.rma Man page
print.rma.glmm Man page Man page Man page
print.rma.peto Man page
print.rma.uni Man page
print.robust.rma Man page
print.summary.rma Man page Man page
profile.rma.uni Man page
qqnorm.rma.glmm Man page Man page Man page
qqnorm.rma.peto Man page
qqnorm.rma.uni Man page
radial Man page
radial.rma Man page
ranef Man page
ranef.rma.uni Man page
ranktest Man page
ranktest.rma Man page
regtest Man page
regtest.rma Man page
replmiss Man page
residuals.rma Man page
rma Man page
rma.glmm Man page Man page Man page
rma.peto Man page
rma.uni Man page
robust Man page Man page
robust.rma.uni Man page Man page Man page
rstandard.rma.peto Man page
rstandard.rma.uni Man page Man page
rstudent.rma.peto Man page
rstudent.rma.uni Man page
[.summary.escalc Man page
summary.escalc Man page
summary.rma Man page
tail.list.rma Man page
to.long Man page
to.table Man page
transf Man page
transf.abt Man page
transf.ahw Man page
transf.arcsin Man page Man page
transf.iabt Man page
transf.iahw Man page
transf.iarcsin Man page
transf.iirft Man page
transf.ilogit Man page Man page
transf.ipft Man page Man page
transf.irft Man page
transf.isqrt Man page
transf.logit Man page
transf.pft Man page
transf.rtoz Man page
transf.ztor Man page Man page
trimfill Man page
trimfill.rma.uni Man page
update.rma Man page
vcov.rma Man page
weights.rma.glmm Man page Man page Man page
weights.rma.peto Man page
weights.rma.uni Man page


tests/testthat/test_analysis_example_raudenbush2009.r tests/testthat/test_analysis_example_gleser2009.r tests/testthat/test_misc_rma_handling_nas.r tests/testthat/test_misc_fitstats.r tests/testthat/test_misc_rma_vs_direct_computation.r tests/testthat/test_plots_forest_plot_with_subgroups.r tests/testthat/test_analysis_example_viechtbauer2007b.r tests/testthat/test_tips_regression_with_rma.r tests/testthat/test_analysis_example_jackson2014.r tests/testthat/test_plots_plot_of_influence_diagnostics.r tests/testthat/test_plots_cumulative_forest_plot.r tests/testthat/ tests/testthat/test_misc_update.r tests/testthat/test_plots_funnel_plot_variations.r tests/testthat/test_misc_funnel.r tests/testthat/test_analysis_example_law2016.r tests/testthat/test_tips_rma_vs_lm_and_lme.r tests/testthat/test_plots_baujat_plot.r tests/testthat/test_misc_rma_error_handling.r tests/testthat/test_analysis_example_henmi2010.r tests/testthat/test_misc_residuals.r tests/testthat/test_misc_plot_rma.r tests/testthat/test_analysis_example_stijnen2010.r tests/testthat/test_analysis_example_rothman2008.r tests/testthat/test_misc_vcov.r tests/testthat/test_misc_head_tail_list_rma.r tests/testthat/test_analysis_example_yusuf1985.r tests/testthat/test_plots_meta-analytic_scatterplot.r tests/testthat/test_plots_contour-enhanced_funnel_plot.r tests/testthat/test_plots_labbe_plot.r tests/testthat/ tests/testthat/test_analysis_example_vanhouwelingen1993.r tests/testthat/test_analysis_example_morris2008.r tests/testthat/ tests/testthat/test_misc_fsn.r tests/testthat/test_analysis_example_viechtbauer2007a.r tests/testthat/test_analysis_example_raudenbush1985.r tests/testthat/test_misc_escalc.r tests/testthat/test_misc_robust.r tests/testthat/test_misc_pub_bias.r tests/testthat/test_analysis_example_konstantopoulos2011.r tests/testthat/test_plots_plot_of_cumulative_results.r tests/testthat/test_analysis_example_dersimonian2007.r tests/testthat/test_analysis_example_viechtbauer2005.r tests/testthat/test_misc_rma_mv.r tests/testthat/test_misc_influence.r tests/testthat/test_plots_gosh.r tests/testthat/test_misc_permutest.r tests/testthat/test_misc_to_long_to_table.r tests/testthat/test_plots_radial_plot.r tests/testthat/test_analysis_example_miller1978.r tests/testthat/test_analysis_example_berkey1995.r tests/testthat/test_misc_transf.r tests/testthat/test_analysis_example_lipsey2001.r tests/testthat/test_plots_normal_qq_plots.r tests/testthat/test_misc_confint.r tests/testthat/test_misc_rma_uni.r tests/testthat/test_analysis_example_vanhouwelingen2002.r tests/testthat/test_misc_handling_of_edge_cases_due_to_zeros.r tests/testthat/test_plots_funnel_plot_with_trim_and_fill.r tests/testthat/test_analysis_example_normand1999.r tests/testthat/test_misc_weights.r tests/testthat/test_analysis_example_berkey1998.r
R/weights.rma.uni.r R/escalc.default.r R/permutest.r R/update.rma.r R/ranef.rma.uni.r R/ R/to.long.r R/summary.rma.r R/rstandard.rma.uni.r R/plot.cumul.rma.r R/fsn.r R/misc.func.hidden.r R/blup.r R/anova.rma.r R/funnel.default.r R/rma.uni.r R/forest.default.r R/regtest.rma.r R/print.fsn.r R/ R/trimfill.r R/hc.rma.uni.r R/plot.rma.uni.r R/funnel.r R/regtest.r R/to.table.r R/print.permutest.rma.uni.r R/print.infl.rma.uni.r R/escalc.r R/fitted.rma.r R/forest.cumul.rma.r R/ranktest.rma.r R/cumul.r R/ R/print.ranktest.rma.r R/funnel.rma.r R/addpoly.default.r R/print.robust.rma.r R/rma.peto.r R/llplot.r R/cumul.rma.uni.r R/print.rma.glmm.r R/gosh.rma.r R/confint.rma.peto.r R/labbe.rma.r R/coef.permutest.rma.uni.r R/deviance.rma.r R/rstandard.rma.peto.r R/coef.summary.rma.r R/ranef.r R/qqnorm.rma.glmm.r R/ R/fitstats.rma.r R/print.list.rma.r R/permutest.rma.uni.r R/ranktest.r R/ R/ R/weights.rma.glmm.r R/ R/transf.r R/ R/AIC.rma.r R/radial.r R/trimfill.rma.uni.r R/rstudent.rma.uni.r R/print.summary.rma.r R/hatvalues.rma.uni.r R/print.hc.rma.uni.r R/bldiag.r R/ R/print.anova.rma.r R/ R/ R/blup.rma.uni.r R/ R/confint.rma.uni.r R/dfbetas.rma.uni.r R/residuals.rma.r R/gosh.r R/cumul.rma.peto.r R/ R/robust.r R/coef.rma.r R/labbe.r R/rstudent.rma.peto.r R/ R/plot.rma.glmm.r R/ R/forest.r R/weights.rma.peto.r R/confint.rma.glmm.r R/logLik.rma.r R/radial.rma.r R/fitstats.r R/rma.glmm.r R/zzz.r R/profile.rma.uni.r R/ R/escalc.formula.r R/forest.rma.r R/df.residual.rma.r R/summary.escalc.r R/model.matrix.rma.r R/baujat.rma.r R/leave1out.r R/head_tail.list.rma.r R/predict.rma.r R/misc.func.exported.r R/ R/print.confint.rma.r R/plot.rma.peto.r R/influence.rma.uni.r R/print.escalc.r R/print.rma.uni.r R/print.regtest.rma.r R/hc.r R/addpoly.rma.r R/ R/baujat.r R/plot.infl.rma.uni.r R/leave1out.rma.peto.r R/BIC.rma.r R/robust.rma.uni.r R/ R/vcov.rma.r R/leave1out.rma.uni.r R/nobs.rma.r R/plot.profile.rma.r R/addpoly.r R/plot.gosh.rma.r R/ R/qqnorm.rma.peto.r R/print.rma.peto.r R/ R/qqnorm.rma.uni.r R/cooks.distance.rma.uni.r
man/metafor-package.Rd man/model.matrix.rma.Rd man/addpoly.Rd man/dat.bourassa1996.Rd man/print.anova.rma.Rd man/transf.Rd man/print.permutest.rma.uni.Rd
man/print.regtest.rma.Rd man/dat.lee2004.Rd man/forest.Rd man/dat.riley2003.Rd man/dat.begg1989.Rd man/residuals.rma.Rd man/dat.senn2013.Rd man/addpoly.default.Rd man/dat.fine1993.Rd man/dat.nielweise2007.Rd man/dat.egger2001.Rd man/anova.rma.Rd man/dat.normand1999.Rd man/dat.konstantopoulos2011.Rd man/print.escalc.Rd man/regtest.Rd man/permutest.Rd man/rma.uni.Rd man/dat.yusuf1985.Rd man/ranef.Rd man/vcov.rma.Rd man/dat.collins1985a.Rd man/fsn.Rd man/ man/dat.pignon2000.Rd man/bldiag.Rd man/ man/cumul.Rd man/print.robust.rma.Rd man/update.rma.Rd man/print.ranktest.rma.Rd man/to.long.Rd man/robust.Rd man/dat.nielweise2008.Rd man/ranktest.Rd man/labbe.Rd man/dat.berkey1998.Rd man/addpoly.rma.Rd man/blup.Rd man/funnel.Rd man/predict.rma.Rd man/qqnorm.rma.Rd man/plot.gosh.rma.Rd man/print.rma.uni.Rd man/print.confint.rma.Rd man/influence.rma.uni.Rd man/dat.mcdaniel1994.Rd man/dat.bonett2010.Rd man/dat.ishak2007.Rd man/trimfill.Rd man/radial.Rd man/plot.rma.Rd man/baujat.Rd man/dat.li2007.Rd man/fitstats.Rd man/dat.collins1985b.Rd man/rma.peto.Rd man/hc.Rd man/coef.permutest.rma.uni.Rd man/profile.rma.Rd man/print.list.rma.Rd man/dat.hine1989.Rd man/dat.bangertdrowns2004.Rd man/dat.gibson2002.Rd man/dat.colditz1994.Rd man/escalc.Rd man/plot.cumul.rma.Rd man/coef.rma.Rd man/dat.hart1999.Rd man/forest.default.Rd man/dat.pritz1997.Rd man/forest.cumul.rma.Rd man/dat.debruin2009.Rd man/print.fsn.Rd man/dat.hasselblad1998.Rd man/ man/print.hc.rma.uni.Rd man/ man/gosh.Rd man/dat.raudenbush1985.Rd man/plot.infl.rma.uni.Rd man/replmiss.Rd man/dat.hackshaw1998.Rd man/dat.linde2005.Rd man/llplot.Rd man/leave1out.Rd man/dat.curtis1998.Rd man/confint.rma.Rd man/fitted.rma.Rd man/forest.rma.Rd man/rma.glmm.Rd man/to.table.Rd man/weights.rma.Rd man/dat.molloy2014.Rd

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