Man pages for metamicrobiomeR
Microbiome Data Analysis & Meta-Analysis with GAMLSS-BEZI & Random Effects

alpha.compareCompare multiple alpha diversity indexes between groups
alphadatAlpha diversity data.
asum4Combined alpha diversity data for meta-analysis.
covar.rmCovariate data.
gtab.3studTest datasets for microbiome age prediction.
kegg.12Pathway abundance data.
meta.niceplotNice meta-analysis plots.
metatab.showDisplay meta-analysis results.
meta.taxaMeta-analysis of taxa/pathway abundance comparison.
microbiomeagePredict microbiome age.
pathway.compareCompare (kegg) pathway abundance
read.multiRead multiple files
tabsex4Combined data for meta-analysis.
taxa.compareCompare taxa relative abundance
taxa.filterFilter relative abundance data
taxa.mean.plotPlot mean taxa abundance
taxa.meansdnSummarize abundance by group
taxcomtab.showDisplay abundance comparison results.
taxtab6Taxonomic relative abundance data.
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