Daniels: Daniels and Hughes data

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Data frame with treatment differences in CD4 cell count.




A data frame with 15 observations on the following 2 variables.


Treatment differences for the log hazard ratio for the development of AIDS or death over 2 years.


Error variances of Y1.


Difference in mean change in CD4 cell count between baseline and 6 month for studies of the AIDS Clinical Trial Group


Error variances of Y2.


The Daniels data comprises 15 phase II/III randomized clinical trials of the HIV Disease Section of the Adult AIDS Clinical Trials Group of the National Institutes of Health, which had data available as of May 1996, which had at least six months of follow-up on some patients and in which at least one patient developed AIDS or died.


Daniels MJ, Hughes MD. Meta-analysis for the evaluation of potential surrogate markers. Statistics in Medicine 1997; 16: 1965–1982.

Riley RD, Thompson JR, Abrams KR. An alternative model for bivariate random-effects meta-analysis when the within-study correlations are unknown. Biostatistics 2008; 9: 172–186.

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