Man pages for metamisc
Diagnostic and Prognostic Meta-Analysis

ccalcCalculate the concordance statistic
coef.metapredExtract the regression coefficients The 'coef' function...
CollinsCollins data
DanielsDaniels and Hughes data
DVTipdHypothetical dataset for diagnosis of Deep Vein Thrombosis...
DVTmodelsRisk prediction models for diagnosing Deep Venous Thrombosis...
EuroSCOREPredictive performance of EuroSCORE II
fatRegression tests for detecting funnel plot asymmetry
FibrinogenMeta-analysis of the association between plasma fibrinogen...
forestForest plot
FraminghamPredictive performance of the Framingham Risk Score in male...
inv.logitApply the inverse logit tranformation
KertaiKertai data
logitApply logit tranformation
logLik.rileyPrint the log-likelihood
metamisc-packageDiagnostic and Prognostic Meta-Analysis
metapredGeneralized Stepwise Regression for prediction models
oecalcCalculate the total O:E ratio
plot.fatDisplay results from the funnel plot asymmetry test
plot.rileyPlot the summary of the bivariate model from Riley et al....
plot.uvmetaForest Plots
plot.valmetaForest Plots
predict.rileyPrediction Interval
recalibrateRecalibrate a Prediction Model
rileyFit the alternative model for bivariate random-effects...
RobertsRoberts data
ScheidlerDiagnostic accuracy data
stackedglmStacked Regression
summary.rileyParameter summaries Provides the summary estimates of the...
summary.uvmetaSummarizing Univariate Meta-Analysis Models
uvmetaUnivariate meta-analysis
uvmeta-classClass "uvmeta". Result of a univariate meta-analysis.
valmetaMeta-analysis of prediction model performance
vcov.rileyCalculate Variance-Covariance Matrix for a Fitted Riley Model...
ZhangMeta-analysis of the prognostic role of hormone receptors in...
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