Scheidler: Diagnostic accuracy data

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Data frame with diagnostic accuracy data from three imaging techniques for the diagnosis of lymph node metastasis in women with cervical cancer.




One data frame with 6 variables.


string . author of article


integer . type of test (1=CT, 2=LAG, 3=MRI)


integer. number of true positives


integer. number of false negatives


integer. number of false positives


integer. number of true negatives


The Scheidler data comprises the results from a meta-analysis where three imaging techniques for the diagnosis of lymph node metastasis in women with cervical cancer are compared. Forty-four studies in total were included: 17 studies evaluated lymphangiography, another 17 studies examined computed tomography and the remaining 10 studies focused on magnetic resonance imaging. Diagnosis of metastatic disease by lymphangiography (LAG) is based on the presence of nodal-filling defects, whereas computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) rely on nodal enlargement.


Scheidler J, Hricak H, Yu KK, Subak L, Segal MR. Radiological evaluation of lymph node metastases in patients with cervical cancer. A meta-analysis. Journal of the American Medical Association 1997; 278: 1096–1101.

Reitsma J, Glas A, Rutjes A, Scholten R, Bossuyt P, Zwinderman A. Bivariate analysis of sensitivity and specificity produces informative summary measures in diagnostic reviews. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology 2005; 58: 982–990.

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