Man pages for metap
Meta-Analysis of Significance Values

albatrosAlbatros plot
allmetapCarry out all or some of the methods in the package
dat.metapExample data
invchisqCombine p values using inverse chi squared method
invtCombine p values using inverse t method
logitpCombine p values using logit method
meanpCombine p values by the mean p method
meanzCombine p values using mean z method
metap-packageMeta-Analysis of Significance Values
plotpQ-Q plot of p-values
schwederSchweder and Spjotvoll plot
sumlogCombine p-values by the sum of logs (Fisher's) method
sumpCombine p-values using the sum of p (Edgington's) method
sumzCombine p-values using the sum of z (Stouffer's) method
truncatedTruncated product method routine
two2oneConvert two-sided p-values to one-sided
votepCombine p-values by the vote counting method
wilkinsonpCombine p-values using Wilkinson's method
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